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Why bullying is wrong ?

Hi my name is Joanna I have a passion for Fashion and I am 21 years old. For the last 21 years of my life I’ve been battling a rare autoimmune disease called alopecia universalis, I got bullied for being different and now I raise awareness on my Instagram to show people what is true beauty and how everyone is beautiful , I will love to showcase that on magazines about true beauty, it’s not about perfections it’s about who you are and I want to help people fell less alone every day.


kindergarten bullying

i joined kindergarten when i was 4, a year after most people would join kindergarten. when i joined, my whole class started bullying me but i don’t know why. some physically bullied me like pulling my hair, or pushing me etc, while others were extremely mean to me and me only. i had no friends, except for 1. they also verbally bullied me. i used to cry everyday after school and always told my mother about it till my sister called me a ‘complain queen’ so from then on i didn’t cry, i didn’t say anything about it. my mother didn’t do anything about it despite the times i did cry and complain . i survived the bullying for 3 years. when someone mentions the word “kindergarten” i’ll get really angry and upset and it’ll just spoil my whole day. kindergarten was hell.


A Fight For Life

I didn’t know it then,
But I do now.
I was bullied,
I was hurt,
By a girl in my class,
My 5th-grade year.

She left me out at recess.
She left me out at lunch.
I tried my best to do things right,
But it was never good enough.

The classroom wasn’t much better.
She left me out there too.
I tried to befriend the other girls,
But they left me,
Just to be with her.

I tried to tell the teachers.
I tried to tell my mom.
A girl was being mean to me,
Yet, I didn’t see a change at all.

So, I kept it to myself.
Hoping that tomorrow would be better.
Tomorrow turned into next week.
Next week turned into next month.
And soon school was done.

6th grade started up.
That girl was still there.
She left me out some more that year.
Until I had enough.
I don’t want to live anymore,
I cried myself to sleep one night.



I get badly bullied

It started when I was 11, I started when I joined a new school.  it all started on my first day when I introduced myself. they made fun of me cos’ I’m Indian and it hurt quite a bit. It continued until it began to hurt me physically and mentally. I began feeling like I didn’t belong here.


Girl with the scars on her face

I believe I’m special, in more ways than one.
When I was 6 years old i got into a terrible motorcycle accident into barbed wire and as suggested by the title, i got hurt on my face. Lucky for me I had just hit the height of not being decapitated and not going blind… I got cut around my mouth. All in all I got 62 stitches and had to miss most of the school year because of the surgery I had to go through and having to be rethought how to move my lips to make sounds and to even eat…

When I got back to school i was looked at like an alien since then and honestly, i felt like one too. I was never the shy type… but quiet when uncomfortable. Kids would call me scarface and made rude comments like “why did your cat scratch your face? Serves you right, why did you kiss your dog? Are you an evil spirit? What did you do to your face??” They always said i would never be beautiful and I believed them for most of my life… kids would runaway from me, not want to befriend me and would even pull my hair, though I think that was because I was the only mixed kid in class.

No one would talk to me because my scars were “scary”… the only people I had were my cousins, they always played with me like they always used to, there was nothing different to them. So naturally, I got used to hanging around with guys and not girls because girls always had something bad to say or do to me. This didn’t make it any better for me. I would cry myself to sleep every time someone made a rude comment about me. I would even get into fights because of them… I hated my scars.

Now I’m 18 and it’s been 12 years, the scars have faded a little bit, but they’re still very visible, I have so many friends I can’t even count how many. I have a best friend who loves me very much and even gets mad at me when I say I’m not pretty. Now I believe I am beautiful, but will never admit it to anyone. I’ve grown to love my scars and have so much confidence its unbelievable. I’ve been asked to talk about it all to churches, schools and even youth groups, its never easy at first, and everyone is gonna have something to say… but remember you’re not alone in this one.


The continuous story of my life

Hi  I have been bullied since the beginning of kindergarten. I am year ten no matter how I act or where I go bullying always seems to follow me, I know my bullying isn’t bad as some of other people’s but I still want my story told. In primary I had no friends besides my sisters but they didn’t really have many friends ether because they were bullied too. you see I not just bullied by a few people I’m bullied by most in my year and by other people in other years. I’m also not just bullied in one way I have experienced most forms of bullying if not all of them and if I tell someone well they just find another thing to talk about for example. I’m very short so tall boys would form a big circle around me and look down at me or I’m also weak so they target me in sports. I feel useless and hopeless but there is one good thing in my life and that is my best friend. She only one that understand me and she gets bullied her self. I always think we are stronger together and that is only thing that keeps me living and going to school because honestly I can’t take one more thing. Because it just doesn’t ever stop no matter what I try and I wonder will it ever stop. My favourite saying I used to always hear is treat others the way you want to be treated, well I can’t remember a time I have ever been mean to someone else. My other saying I use to always hear from my mum or teachers  is stick and stones may break my bones but words or actions will never hurt me. well that’s a complete lie. words can hurt more sticks and stones.


Mean old bullys

When i was in about pre- k is when kid started to make fun of me kids always called me old because i was born before alot of students in class. But know here is the sad part in 5th grade my face started to break out and everybody used to bully me to the point were kids used to fight me for no reason. I ate lunch with nobody because nobody liked me. Even right now no one sits by me but i’m used to it.


my story

I had a friend growing up in middle school and we should hang out all the time and have sleepovers and girls days. Then High school started and she started acting different stopped hanging out with me she was my BEST FRIEND when she started acting differently I tried to change my self the way I acted, the People I hung out with, the clothes I wore, but she kept being different. But if the person this story is about is reading this I just want to thank you for being the person I am today and you will always have a place in my heart. Also you would be pleased to know I am an aunt!


my life in school

My friends always hide with me because it’s scary. if there’s no one around they’re going to get bullied. I know that i get bullied but i tell the adult and it just gets worse so if i were you i would speak up and be like “Hey i don’t like the way you’re treating me or the other students i don’t thinks it’s right to bully people that did not do nothing to you. what did we do to you that you should bully, so i’m standing and speaking the truth. it is not right ever. bullying is 100% wrong “. That’s what i would do. It’s wrong at all times no matter what. How would you like if we did that to you? You wouldn’t like it.


Electricity Class

So I am the only girl in my electricity class and at the beginning of the year I was actually having fun. I thought I was making some friends in that class until December. Some of the boys started making fun of the way I dress, were making sexist remarks, would make fun of me for the music I listen to and would call me edgy. I didn’t think much of it until almost all of them started doing it and eventually started stealing some of my stuff like my phone, my lip gloss, and my AirPods, all of which were in my backpack. Even my teacher joined in on the remarks. When they see me get upset they all call me a crybaby or tell me that it’s just jokes, but things like this should not be taken as jokes.