Bullying Defined

What Is Bullying?

Bullying is more than disagreements, differences of opinion, or conflicts that occur between friends, peers, and classmates. Kids who are bullied and those who bully others may develop serious, lasting problems.

Bullying definitions typically include:

  • The target is being hurt or harmed by unwanted words or behavior
  • The hurtful behavior is repeated or there is a concern that it will be repeated
  • The target being hurt has a hard time stopping or preventing the unwanted behavior
  • The hurtful behavior is carried out by those who have more (real or perceived) power, which is used to control or harm others. Power can mean students who are older, are physically stronger, have access to embarrassing information, have more social status, or are part of a group that is singling out an individual.

Note: This is not a legal definition, but rather a way to help understand and identify bullying. For your school’s definition, check the district’s bullying prevention policies. For a legal definition, consult your state’s law on bullying at StopBullying.gov

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