• This I Believe

    Five high school students read an adaptation of an essay written by a 14-year-old.

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  • What Should You Do? Ways to Be There

    PACERTalks About Bullying, Episode 19

    Insights and advice from students as they think through how to respond to real life bullying situations.

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  • Teen Talk on Cyberbullying

    Watch this short video designed to provide authentic insight and perspective from peers on issues related to cyberbullying.

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  • Together Against Bullying

    Animated video created from student drawings and writing, brought to life with the voices of youth.

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  • You Are Braver, Stronger and Smarter Than You Think

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  • Turn a Life Around

    Bullying knocks down thousands of kids every day, but when one person stands, another will stand with them. You can be that person, you can turn a life around.

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  • Lizzie Sider

    Lizzie is a country music singer/songwriter, who experienced verbal teasing and ridiculing from other children in elementary school. Her song, “Butterfly” tells her story and how she overcame her situation.

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  • New Day

    When a high school student experiences bullying at her new school, she finds hope from her peers. Special thanks to kouraproductions for creating and producing this powerful video!

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Features / New Stuff

Unity Awards

Do you know an individual or group who took action to make our communities, schools and the web kinder, more accepting and inclusive? If yes, nominate them for a Unity Award! Our student panel will judge all nominations. Then, on May 23rd, we will recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to help create a world without bullying.

Submit a nomination

Help Me – A song by Dat Stern

Twin brothers, Stacy and Sterling, decided to start a music group called Dat Stern; they wanted to make music that could inspire people and help others. Stacy states, “My brother and I suffered from bullying all throughout middle and high school. So, when we decided to make music, that was our main focus. Our goal is to put an end to bullying.”

Watch their video, then follow up with discussion questions

Ask Us!

Questions about bullying? We have answers! Students and K-12 classrooms are invited to send a video or email [email protected] with their question. Starting in January, selected entries will be featured in our weekly “PACERTalks About Bullying” video series.

Take The Pledge

Send a message of hope and support! Take the pledge and make a commitment to show that we are together against bullying, and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Take the pledge

Teens Against Bullying bookmarks, new design now available!

The updated design of the Teens Against Bullying bookmark encourages middle and high school students with the message, “The End of Bullying Begins with You.” The other side features a pledge for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

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Together Against Bullying Video

This is an animated video created from student drawings and writing that shows that kids want bullying to stop and want to be part of the solution.


Student Action Plan Against Bullying

Wondering what you can do to address bullying? This handout will help you develop a strategy to change the bullying situation you have experienced.

Download Action Plan

Tell Us Why You Care

  • Social Media wasn't made for people to post hateful things, it was made to share happy experiences and feelings, not to cyber bully.

    Bob —
  • i dont want people to feel down because of bullying because it will hurt them forever stand up to bullying

    Nick —
  • it is not right to bully

    rasu — 10
  • i care because i want to live. the word bullying makes me sad

    michelle — 6
  • Bullying other people is not nice or cool if your friends are bullying tell them to stop don't bully with them

    Maddy — 12
  • Bullying is never ok. I have and still am experiencing bullying and it should never be right to be hurtful towards someone just for who they are. You are beautiful, amazing, and kind, don't let anyone ever tell you anywise. If you're experiencing bullying, don't be afraid to tell someone like I was. It gets better I promise, you can get through this.

    Bela — 14


bullying story

I can’t really remember the time when I haven’t been bullied. I’ve been being bullied for almost my whole life, I wish I was back in kindergarten because back then I could be me and not be bullied for being me. I may only be 13 but I’ve been called horrid names by everyone just for how I look and for who I hang out with. but It all started when I was in 6th grade. I was shorter than everyone and not as pretty. I was getting called horrid names like “toy, anorexic, bulimia, ugly” and lots more, in the bathroom,hallways,in the class and even in the lunchroom. I never really knew why they were doing this but they did. It made me feel bad but I didn’t really mind it much because I was only in 6th grade I also thought that it would all dial down come 7th grade. I was also getting told to go kill myself but I never really listened to them until 7th grade hit me. I was still getting called all of those names then getting told worse stuff like “if you need help I can dig and fill the hole for you and You shouldn’t be alive” I tried telling teachers, guidance counselors and even the principal but Nothing worked and they wouldn’t leave me alone. So I just stopped eating and blocked everyone out of my life thinking wow they are all right i’m really nothing. My mom seeked to get me help and she got me a guidance counselor that kinda helped but also didn’t at the same time. I thought about harming myself and since no one ever knew what was really going on so I thought so many bad things. People tried and tried to talk to me but I didn’t talk back much unless I knew the person pretty well. After I didn’t eat for 2 weeks I ate something because my mom made me. In school I had gym I would always get dizzy and really tired really quick which isn’t like me to be like that.People stopped talking to me because they didn’t want to get bullied too. So I felt really alone and I stopped eating again, I even wanted to die. People started to stare more and started to name call a lot more because I was letting them get to me. I started thinking about ways I could kill myself and I just didn’t care because people just didn’t care, people saw me like this but no one ever did anything about it. I would be in class and just not talk for hours crying here and there. I wouldn’t even know if my teacher was talking to me. Letting them get to me which I didn’t care because I felt worthless and nothing at the time it was just another day for me. I just gave up on everything their possibly could be, all of my friends, family and even my teachers started to worry about me yet I still didn’t care. Then comes 8th grade (the grade i’m in) it’s even WORSE!!!  I still get told all of that stuff and I still get called everything I already get called. I try to stick up for myself but most of the time I’m to scared to. Some people think my life is so great when its really not. But now I know i’m stronger and that if I just gave up now that people would actually be happy because I gave in and let them get to me. Just because people get to me doesn’t mean I can just give up and dig deeper than the people who are bullying. I have people who care about me. I mean yes I have made mistakes but who hasn’t. I’m almost just like everyone else but I do have my flaws just like everyone else does. Yes, people get to me but i’m not going to let them get to me to a point where I just give up. They can call me names but their not going to get their way. I know i’m way stronger than that and they are not going to stop me from accomplishing my goals in life so I didn’t just give up.