I Care Because…

  • What if you are a bully and You get bullied?

    td —
  • I care because it is not fair for people to be bullied as they are doing nothing wrong, i experienced it and it makes you quite depressed so don't do it at all if you care about someone's health.

    Talia — 13
  • One day this girl was sitting at lunch and one girl came out of nowhere and just poured milk on her head and this girl didn't do anything but sit there and let her. this girl is so used to being bullied that she doesn't care because she is used to it, it hurts people it really does.

    tristah — 16
  • because i am getting bullied and all my life it has gotten out of hand when people say that I am better off dead then living but my mom has helped me through it all. but all I want is to be a normal kid in a small town and not to be bullied but hopefully it will get better when I move.

    marie — 13
  • I think bullying needs to stop because people are taking their own life and they're depressed.

    Charnette — 16
  • no one should have to feel worthless, or alone.

    scotty — 13
  • The kids of this world shouldn’t be brought down because they’re different. Diversity is a beautiful thing and the fact that others feel the need to say that it’s a bad thing is horrible. Remember that you are perfect the way you are. If you are being bullied, reach out to an adult. I really care obout bullying because my sister was severely affected. So check yourself, ask “does this hurt them, is this REALLY a harmless joke.” So be nice everyone. Have a good day today, xoxo Tierney

    Tierney — 12
  • Growing up I would always be picked on because I didn't have the expensive shoes but I would rather have a good home and food to eat than a pair of shoes or something else expensive. I've always been told over the years by my mom and my grandmother to be myself no matter what people say I've always been told that if there's a obstacle in your life use it as a stepping stone don't let it bring you down.

    Kat — 13
  • I got bullied for a year and a half it hurt me and my grades. I went home to a supportive sister and parents and thought that was who everyone was but I was wrong a lot of people were bad or mean. If you are getting bullied tell someone.

    Elizabeth — 13
  • I care because it's not fair. I see bullying a lot and don't like it. Everyone was created equally and to just bully someone is NOT okay. You are hurting other people inside and out, and basically DESTROYING their life. How do I know all this? Because I am a victim. PLEASE don't bully! It really hurts.

    J — 11