I Care Because…

  • I'm always bullied based on my different skin color, i get called a negro a lot elementary school was hard.

    Tyrone — 18
  • bullying is detrimental to a growing mind of a young person. people say things that often are really meant for themselves. so don't take it to heart life gets easier.

  • To understand that humans are pathological creatures that react on conformity as a biological survival technique will be critical in human advancement. What this mean that you are special an different be proud of that individuality this may be your greatest weakness but it could be your greatest armor live strong my fellow stranger.

    Erik — 16
  • none can ruin your self confidence. its called self-confidence, people only have power over you if you give them the power i know it might seem hard to do but if you can live through bullying you can ignore people that don't matter.

    dollar —
  • I care because nobody has the right to hurt anyone!!

    Chase — 13
  • My name is Tiggy and i am 14. for all of my life i have been bullied. i now do volunteer work in a youth club and am interested in learning how to combat bullying within the youth club.

    Tiggy — 14
  • I've been bullied before and I also was the bully, Once I was bullied I found out how these people getting bullied felt.. I felt hopeless and I really didn't wanna be here anymore I thought everyone hated me and that things were never gonna get better but I promise you things get better even if you think its the worst thing in the world. I'm 15 and have a whole bunch of rumors and lies going around about me and I don't even talk to anyone. You just have to ignore it because people now days no matter what you do they won't stop doing what they're doing. don't let them do this to you. you have to boss up and be the pretty or charming boy/girl you are and don't let anyone tell you different you have potential and a meaning you were put on this earth for a reason I may not know you all but I love you and keep your head up gorgeous;)

    Presley — 15
  • Through out my elementary years I was bullied for being really skinny and tall. My "friends" were making comments of my appearance when i walked past. I brushed it off and bottled it all up inside. I didn't like myself at all they made me feel alone, but thankfully I wasn't. I found a true friend that stood up for me against them in the end. But it does get better.

    Nora — 13
  • i have been bully by kids and every time i try to be strong but its not working and i'm hoping it will stop some day, i have been call ugly and stupid and i just need one more chance for what i did, i have wanted to be friends with everyone at school but they all hate me but my sister was mad when she hear what happen and her friend told them too stop bullying me

    Destiny — 14
  • It could cause someone killing themselves and I have already experienced someone doing that I rather it not happen to anyone else.

    Serenity — 13