I Care Because…

  • I care because everyone deserves to be respected in every way. No one deserves to he bullied for any reason. Bwing bullied nay have a huge impact on someone’s life, or even alter it.

    Jaz — 16
  • I care because bullying can ruin a person's life. We should only spread positive vibes and happy thoughts to others to make the world a better place.

    Raphael — 15
  • I care because a person shouldn't feel inferior than others. Everyone's feelings and thoughts are valid, and there is a reason for what they are feeling. Everyone's feelings should be respected and considered.

    Heart — 15
  • I also experienced bullying when I was in elementary. I know the feeling of getting bullied and its negative effects on the one getting bullied.

    Vince — 16
  • Through my own experience with bullying, I've gained a profound realization: no one should have to endure such mistreatment. It emphasizes the need for creating environments where toxicity is not allowed to thrive.

    Chloe — 16
  • No one deserves to be hurt in any way by anyone. Everyone must be treated right and with respect. In addition, it is important that everybody learns that one must think first about what he or she is going to do or say to avoid hurting or causing harm to others.

    Karla — 16
  • many people in the entire world mostly in our country are getting bullied and no one deserves to get bullied as it can cause severe depression, anxiety and mental damage to the person getting bullied that leads to transferring schools and sometimes self-harm.

    Marco — 15
  • Bullying is a serious issue and it can cause several health issues may it be physical, mental, or emotional health.

    Jotino — 15
  • Nobody deserves such treatment from others as we are all created equally, with all of our quirks and uniqueness. Moreover, it causes emotional trauma among the youth which they can carry up to adulthood.

    Julian — 15
  • I care because bullying results to different adverse effects to the mental, physical, or emotional well-being. They cause negative effects to the bullied, bully, and the people around. Without bullying, the world can be a better and safe place for everyone. There are no worries of being subject to hate. I care about bullying because it is something that we must talk about more. It is something that causes harm to everyone.

    Donna — 16