I Care Because…

  • I care because bullying can get worse and worse and one day people will just break and the bullies will never understand.

    HI — 21
  • I care because others should feel safe

    k — 12
  • I care because people should be nicer to others.

    Kaydence — 11
  • Bullying is completely wrong nobody deserves to get beat up or get made fun of or targeted. Please STOP BULLYING!!!!!

    Ella — 12
  • I care because when bullying you are making that person hate themselves and you make them want to harm themselves. It would be horrible to be the reason someone tried to harm themselves. Bullying is real and people take it as a joke. my sister gets bullied and she comes home putting her self down because she is so used to things people say to her.

    Kamiah — 13
  • I care because it is hurting people physically and mentally. People can hurt they self about what you said or about what you did. It can mentally hurt someone by something you said. You can say something so bad that the person you said it to let it get them too much and it hurts really bad and it can lead them to self-harm so they can stop the hurt they feeling. They would think if they hurt themself it will make the pain go away. This is the exact reason why it is not okay to bully at all.

    Mi'Joi — 12
  • I care because if you bully someone you could never know what they're going through And you can make their day worse and make them feel bad about their self. People can want to change their self or even hurt their self because they were getting bullied.

    Lexi Hyuga — 11
  • I care because bullying is wrong and annoying.

    Kevin — 12
  • I care because i never got bullied so i don't know how it feels but i see it everyday and i don't like it.

    Tayana — 11
  • i care because people are losing lives in the city and some people cant really learn because of bullying and getting threatened

    devaughn — 11