I Care Because…

  • I care because I know the feeling, unfortunately so damn well. I am a senior in high school, and all this 4 years have been a struggle, maybe not every single day but constantly. I am a really short person and when I say short, trust me short... 4.11 is me height, people in school makes fun of me and they made me feel bad, they make jokes about it and not funny but mean and painful, it makes me feel insecure about myself. So people who bully they need to stop for every other kid that may feel the same way. Maybe they even have depression or worse but we can stop them before anything happens, before we all break down.

    VN — 18
  • I almost ended my life over bullying and if it wasn’t for the thought of what my parents would do financially with my body I would’ve. Due to the constant bullying

    Travis — 18
  • Bullying is never ok. I have and still am experiencing bullying and it should never be right to be hurtful towards someone just for who they are. You are beautiful, amazing, and kind, don't let anyone ever tell you anywise. If you're experiencing bullying, don't be afraid to tell someone like I was. It gets better I promise, you can get through this.

    Bela — 14
  • stop bullying so people will not get mad and not have trouble come.

    wyatt — 12
  • Bullying causes fear and it can cause depression. There is no reason to bully anyone, ever. No matter what they look like, wear, or have. Love yourself for who you are because, your'e worth it.

  • I care because I get bullied and I know-how it feels and I want to be part of this group because I got bullied my whole life and I want to stand up for what is right and you don't have to be scared to stand up for yourself because you should get treated with the same amount of respect they do.

    Harmony — 13
  • I think bullying is an awful thing. No one understand how it feels unless it has happened to you. People lose self confidence in themselves, it causes depression, and it could cause the victim to cause self harm, or even go as far as committing. If you get bullied, contact someone please. Too many people care about you and for you to harm yourself. Bullies are just hurt, and it's not fair to take it out on someone else. Be strong, nothing gets better without a fight.

    Ashlyn — 16
  • i care because there are people out there who are getting bullied and others aren't doing anything so we should stand up to bullies and then if there are enough of us there will be no more bullying

    Elaina — 12
  • Many kids are affected negatively by bullying. This can result in many bad things like depression, suicide, problems at school, headaches, and making you feel like you are nothing at all. I care because peoples lives matter and they deserve to be respected.

    Ivy — 12
  • i care because its not nice its just rude

    Amy the cupcake — 10