I Care Because…

  • i care because bullying is not ok and people shouldn’t live in fear of if they are going to get made fun of or physically hurt.

    Bailey — 12
  • i care because it hurts people's feelings and it's not deserved

    reiley — krauss
  • I care because the victims may hurt themselves.

    LaTay — 12
  • its mean and and sad i don't like it
    and the victims i support

    noah — 11
  • I care because I care about the victims

    Aadyn — 12
  • I care because i hate bullying and it's very stupid

    Owen — 11
  • I care because it is wrong.

    Lucas — 12
  • i care because my family and me have experienced bullying

    sydney — 11
  • i Care because some of my friends and family have experienced bullying and no one should be being bullied.

    Mason — 11
  • Bullying is not fun and it hurts people i used to be bullied and i know how it made me feel so i can imagine how it makes others feel.

    Ricky — 16