I Care Because…

  • I care because my crushes friend is pulling her away from me and is bullying me to shame me in front of her. And my crush does nothing to help me!

    Matthew — 11
  • I care about bullying because people can end up being depressed and eventually harming themselves because of it. Bullying needs to stop.

    Terrell — 14
  • I care about bullying because when people bully someone it can damage them very badly. Maybe it can make them hurt themselves but you never know what is going on in their home so sometimes bullying them can put more stress on them.

    juliann — 14
  • I care because I don’t think it’s right or fair for any living being to ever. Have to endure or deal with anything continuously cause of others. People all have rights and should be able to live their lives freely. Free from harm, free from harassment, free from humiliation, free from any type of bullying. A lot of people only act out purely cause of their egos. Bullies want nothing more than to have power and control over everyone and everything. They want the spotlight and want no one to take it from them. But deep down they just are like everyone else hurting cause of something they did or other people did. And I know that people make mistakes and do bad things. But nobody ever should have to suffer forever for the actions that are of others.

    I stand for anyone that has to deal with bullying or mental health and say you're not ever alone. You are better than the schools the peers and maybe even the society. That neglects, mistreats and doubts maybe even look down upon you. Everyone is capable of the things they don’t believe themselves to be capable of. Everyone is capable of getting better cause rather life is easy or hard always everything is never as it seems.

    People are their own worst enemies but people can overcome all their struggles and obstacles they are facing. You, me or anyone doesn’t have to do this alone. So I say we should not overlook each other with the perception of only seeing, noticing or knowing the negative things we or other people may have done. But instead look for the positive things about each other. Because we aren’t our mistakes we aren’t our flaws we aren’t what makes us all imperfect. We are stronger than we believe and think ourselves to be we are more knowledge than we think. We are more capable than we believe ourselves to be. So I speak for any and everyone that goes through any bullying and mental health problems. Don’t give up don’t give in cause you are not alone. Don’t lose hope cause somehow someway all of us will be ok eventually.

    I know life is hard believe me I do. But everything will be ok cause you are here for a reason I am here for a reason everyone is here for a reason. Believe in seeing the best in others no matter what they have done no matter what they look like or sound like. Cause everyone is unique and everyone deserves a chance to shine and be forgiven and accepted. For who they truly are and for everything they have said or done. In the end those that are bullied, mistreated and misunderstood or not heard. We are the ones that deserve the best in life. I wrote this to take a stand to make a difference cause that’s what I dream of or wish to do. I just want to help others and make a huge difference in the world.

    Brandon — 18
  • Nobody should be forced to be bullied

    Joseph — 14
  • My son who in his last year of jr high has been being bullied almost every day by this one kid and the school is doing nothing this is so over overwhelming and sad. I don't know what to do anymore he didn’t even wanna go to school today. I’m so sad over this he or any other kids shouldn’t have to go through this I pray for him and other kids every day to be happy and loving life like they should be able to.

    Stella —
  • I care because I think that people shouldn’t bully each other because it can harm the victim so much that it might lead to self-harm. I also care because bullying can harm everybody in the situation.

    Cameron — 14
  • Nobody should hurt from bullying

  • I care because, I have been a victim of bullying many times now. This is an experience I would never think I would Experience. The feeling of being worthless and just constant pain is the worst feeling ever.

    lamya — 14
  • I care about bullying because, Kids/students shouldn't have to go through bullying, and don't deserve to be bullied. There is a 40 trillion chance to be born, and students have to spend part of the life feeling sad and getting bullied, it just not right.

    Tyler — 12