I Care Because…

  • i care because it is a very important situation

    joel — 11
  • I care because people can sometimes hurt themselves sometimes

    Mersaydes — 12
  • to help others

    Laya — 11
  • i care because bullies bully people and break their feelings

    kevin — 11
  • i don't want people to get hurt

    alvaro —
  • when other people get hurt their bully does it more

    luis — 11
  • because it's sad and it breaks that person's heart

    yumayra — 11
  • Because people might be suffering in a mental health problem from bullying. it is wrong to bully.

    Lesly — 11
  • me importa por que no me gusta el bullying

    marina — 12
  • I care because when someone is getting bullied there could be conflict later and I don't want anyone to get hurt and the bully could change their ways if they were tired of being a bully.

    noah — 11