I Care Because…

  • All people should be able to live a great life and not be bullied and you can make other's life miserable and that's not cool

    jemma — 13
  • I care to stop bullying because it is just not nice, and there is no reason to bully others. You should NEVER make any comments that are mean to anyone, even if you are just joking around. Only one little comment can hurt someone more than you think.

    Adalyn — 11
  • I care because it is not good for the student's future and the bullies' future.

    Matthew — 11
  • I don't want to get bullied.

    Reese — 12
  • I care because it can physically or emotionally harm people, or make them doubt themselves.

    Darrock — 12
  • i care for people to be happy

    jamie — 13
  • I care because it's difficult for others, and it can cause a whirlwind of emotions that eventually crumble.

    Shae — 13
  • I care about the people who go here because they are nice and friendly and are helpful to the 6th graders.

    Kirby — 12
  • I care because I believe that everyone deserves to be accepted and cared for. No none should feel unsafe coming to school or going anywhere.

  • Because it hurt in all ways, and for me as for I am/was bullied I know it hurts

    Ash — 11