I Care Because…

  • hello i was bullied by a student and he stole my snack and my money but i'm not being bullied anymore because I spoke. We should speak.

    sam —
  • I Care Because I am being bullied in my school . You should speak because it can go very far if you do not speak

    ethanyonis — 13
  • To help victim of bullying he must talk about it to his parents, or to another person

    Morgan — 13
  • We shouldn’t bully because it makes people sad

    camille — 13
  • if you are being bullied, you should speak to an adult (your parents (your familly), your teacher, your friends, the social worker of your school) but you should speak

    lorie — 13
  • If you are being bullied , do not hesitate to speak about it . We shouldn't stay quiet .

    Maelle — 13
  • I'm called Eline, I'm French, I am 13 years old I speak a little English. We shouldn't bully because it hurts

    eline — 13
  • To help a victim of bullying he must talk about it to his parents

    neven — 13
  • Harassement is bad, we should stop bullying.

    lorazojo — 14
  • we shouldn't bully the pupils because the pupils withdraw and this can go further to suicide.

    emmalouane — 13:14