I Care Because…

  • i went to school and they called me a name. i hurt.

    Kenny — 13
  • I care because bullying takes lives and makes people (including me) doubt that they matter at all.

    Nina — 16
  • I care because bullying can cause people to commit suicide. Suicide not only effects that person but it also effects everyone they knew and so on. To prevent this all we have to do is stand up for everyone and show care for one another. -Love you guys<3

    Alycia — 14
  • I care because making people happy makes not just you but the people around you happy and for the people who dont make others happy, shame on them. Becuse nobody is perfect especially those who bully. Have a voice and stand up for you and others!!!!

    Mia — 11
  • I have a counselor who helps me with tough times especially when i get bullied if you see anyone getting bullied speak up don't sit and watch!

    Tayla — 10
  • If someone get bully then that person get hurt and they can't forget in life

    12 — 14
  • bullying is not a good thing and if bullying becomes big it could ruin the school image and the person that got bulled will get physical and mental will be hard

    Hyun — 13
  • I,ve been bullied many times before and it can be taken really far, so I hope that our future generations will help fight against bullying and save the lives of all the children that harm themselves because they are being bullied.

    Savannah — 11
  • I care because it is horrible to be bullied or hurt. The people that bully you are just jealous or maybe they have been bullied too. Don't be afraid to speak up. 🙂

    Aliyah — 11
  • You never know what the bullied kids are going through. maybe that smelly girls parents are poor and can't pay their water bill. Or maybe that small girl was born with a growing disability . maybe that skinny boy's parents are running out of money and can't afford family dinners.

    Gianna — 12