I Care Because…

  • Cyberbullying and some behaviors can cause depression or self-harm.

    Jiawen — 13
  • i care because cyber bullying causes people to hurt themselves or others and i wouldn't even wish that on my worst enemy

    karley — 13
  • Sometimes if it gets serious the victim hurts themselves.

    Joanna — 12
  • I care because cyberbullying can affect someone physically and mentally and it's worse when it's both.

    Emily — 12
  • I care because people are hurting their own lives because of it.

    Mateen — 13
  • I care because you can ruin a person's whole life

    Alefiyah — 13
  • people hurt themselves from bullies

    kaidem — 13
  • I care because cyberbullying can lead to really bad things.

    Noah — 12
  • i care because it can make people very self conscious and make them upset or even depressed, it can change people from being confident, to unsure of them selves

    Dannyt —
  • any type of bullying can and will most likely harm the mental well being of a person

    Abi — 13