I Care Because…

  • It’s wrong

    Anna — 18
  • I think bullying can you know affect a person's mental health and sometimes physical health and is not fair as the person is just them.

    Taquavion — 19
  • I care because people can get hurt both physically and mentally. It can cause quite a serious effect which may cause things like, trauma, depression, anxiety and most of all it may cause something like self-harm.

  • It ruins people's' mental health. There has been lots of suicides and school shootings because young students don't know how to deal with bullying. Other might not see the effects of bullying but it definitely affected me as a middle schooler. Bullying can also lead to others having mental issues, disorders, and suicide attempts.

    - — 13
  • I care about preventing bullying because it can help the world to become a better place. I also care because of the effects of cyber bullying. People cyberbully on Instagram, Facebook and even tiktok; this is why we need to stop because people will harm themselves and harm others.

    Emmanuel — 11
  • Bullying is not right because it can lead to gun violence and harming people. They can feel bad about themselves.

    majezty — 14
  • I care because bullying is really important and it is really harmful to others. It could also cause people to harm themselves because of what people do or say. It's not nice to bully people and it could lead to depression, and if it keeps happing it could lead to worse. So, it's not ok to bully! Stop bullying, it's not the right thing to do!!

    Quantavious —
  • I Care because it's not fair, and you don't know what they have been going through. bullying can lead to self-harm.

  • bullying is not right because it can cause someone's death making them feel bad about they self. it causes you to tell an adult and sometimes they don't do anything you feel like you being treated like an animal. They bully people because they weaker if there is a stronger person the bully gets people to help.

    ammiel —
  • I want to stop people from getting hurt because it can affect their mental health and can make them feel bad about themselves. Also, it can cause depression. I want them to feel wanted, welcomed, and free to be themselves.

    Morgan — 11