I Care Because…

  • Bullying is a big thing and almost caused me to harm myself. I felt like I didn’t belong. I don’t want anyone going through the same thing I and other people have. I want the next generation to be bully free.

    Hermione — 12
  • I care because I just found out my niece was being verbally and physically bullied. As an aunt not being able to be there when she was hurting and not being able to help her makes me feel terrible. She is scared to tell anyone and not excited to start high school because of this. I care about this because no one should ever be treated this way.

    Monica — 20
  • Bullying is real and it not just some thing adults talk about to make you listen or pay attention because that's what what I thought it was until i lost my best friend to suicide after he was being cyber bullied

    Laura — 14
  • I was bullied my whole life I even got punched in the face and shoved against the locker bullying isn't right nobody deserves it. I want to help prevent bullying the reason I don't bring myself down anymore is because I went to Camp K and they told me not to let it get to me and be more confident in myself and so that's what I started doing and now if someone bullies me I'm going to be confident in myself and not let them bully me anymore this needs to stop.

    Adrianna — 13
  • when i was in kindergarten it was my first time in a real school and i had no friends and i said goodbye to my mom and i said to her don't worry ill be fine. And on my way to the cafeteria and i then got pushed to the ground by a kid and i lost my breath and i was really scared and upset and all through kindergarten to fourth grade i was scared to let people in my life and i pushed everyone out just from a person pushing me. If you have ever been bullied before make sure that instead of pushing people out you should instead let them in cause you could have a strong and great friendship with them.

    Nicoelle — 11
  • Nobody deserves to be treated as if they are not worth anything. No matter what people say about someone, that person should know that they are not alone and that there are many other people in the world that are experiencing the same things that they are. It is important to treat others as you would want them to treat you. Taking your anger out on other people is never the answer to solving your own problems. To those of you who have been/are bullied, I'm sorry. Know that it will get better in time.

    Jackson — 16
  • When I was 6 I struggled to make friends, which turned into bullying. It got to a point where I eventually developed anxiety and low self-esteem. Bullying is something that changes the way people act and I want people to know that even if we are knocked to our last shred of confidence, change is still possible.

    Aimee — 14
  • What if you are a bully and You get bullied?

    td —
  • I care because it is not fair for people to be bullied as they are doing nothing wrong, i experienced it and it makes you quite depressed so don't do it at all if you care about someone's health.

    Talia — 13
  • One day this girl was sitting at lunch and one girl came out of nowhere and just poured milk on her head and this girl didn't do anything but sit there and let her. this girl is so used to being bullied that she doesn't care because she is used to it, it hurts people it really does.

    tristah — 16