I Care Because…

  • I’ve been bullied since I was 7 up until even now, no child should have to fear going to school because of their peers

    Emily — 14
  • I feel bad for those who are bullied. No one deserves it. I will share my story to help victims. Everyone is equal. Treat others with love and respect.

    Katherine — 17
  • All students should have a chance.

    Sara — 17
  • I care because I know the feeling of having people mistreat you. I was diagnosed with depression at 12 years old and as I am about to turn 19, it is still something I struggle with most days. You can never take back the way you treat people.

    Anon — 18
  • It’s a horrible thing that nobody should Have to go through, I personally have been bullied my entire life, and it sucks so don’t bully other people, because you don’t know what they could be going through

    Ember — 12
  • I care because bullying is and was never okay. I was teased but always had the nerves to speak out but I was so shy. Bullying isn't only about talking to adults, it's also about talking for yourself and asking yourself "Who am I? A strong independent human or a dull and shy individual?"
    Remember; bullying is never acceptable but also never forget your voice is loud and should be heard.

    Emily — 12
  • I got beat up and its not okay that this happens to millions of other kids constantly. Nobody should live in fear that theyre going to be hurt outside their homes.

    Fredy — 14
  • People say words can't hurt someone, but they can. They are worse than being punched in the face. Words are the reason why i forgot what happiness was. Words made me believe that i wasn't worth it. I don't want anyone to suffer as much as i did, not even my bullies. Bulliyng kills people, if not, it scares us for life.

    Delaney — 15
  • stop it!!!! bullying can ruin someone's future

    shazwan — 17
  • This year, one boy confronted me. He yelled, "Why are you always following me?". Afterwards his friends would just say weird things to me. Has anyone been through this? This seems like a very particular bullying case. But I care! And I want to be an ally to anyone being bullied.

    Anonymous — 12