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I was bullied and I was kind of a bully too. Because of he second thing I feel bad and I’m deeply sorry. I’ve always been larger than people my age and still it is my biggest insecutity. Now I know that it is not because I’m lazy, but I’ve got problems with my thyroid. People were laughing at my weight. But always there were someone who liked me no matter what scale says. Because of insecurities I’ve felt that i need to be like the rest and I was laughing with them, I regret that.
I’m sorry to everyone that I’ve ever laughed at. I think now that YOU are beautiful and amaizing!
Lots of love


My friends bully me for being younger

My friends are mostly15 to 17 years of age and I’m 13 they bully me ,insult me…
Sometimes if I don’t understand things in class they’re like “its cuz you’re 13”
But I can’t be bothered I went to js1 from primary 4 and the rest of them did it up to primary 6 and they still even come to meet me to explain things to them…
So you see, don’t be bothered(unless if it reaches the stage of harrassing or beating you) keep being you
Lots of love❤


Guy friends

I got bullied in 3rd and 4th grade because I’m a girl and I had a lot of guy friends I hung out with.



Hi everyone my name is Chantelle. When I was in middle school things where quite hard for me. I am an athlete people would hate me because I was an athlete. I got so many comments from everyone around me that I was skinny and stuff like that. Everyone around always had something to say about me that I had depression . Now I am a bullying activist I wanted to help those who had thoughts of self-harm because of bullying


The worst of the best

Hi. I am a swimmer. We train everyday, after schools for 3 hours non stop. It is horrible. I was the fastest swimmer in school, the worst at club. I soon was worse and worse. My friends at swim club started blocking me out just because I was slow, they gossiped and spread horrible rumors saying I was sick and couldn’t swim….. It was a big deal for me. Because of them, I quit swimming. Still, I have regretted this choice but have started a love for squash. Coming from me, do not let people who bullied you bring you down. THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT.


Who’s Fiona?

Ok so one day at school I was minding my own business. This kid I barely even knew, I mean he was in my gym class came up to me and told me and I will never forget that he said it. He told me I looked like Fiona from Shrek. And I mean some people might take that as a compliment, I mean she was a princess. But she also turned into a chubby green ogre. And that wasn’t the best thing to be compared to. But this isn’t even the worst of the bullying I have received.


Why bullying is wrong ?

Hi my name is Joanna I have a passion for Fashion and I am 21 years old. For the last 21 years of my life I’ve been battling a rare autoimmune disease called alopecia universalis, I got bullied for being different and now I raise awareness on my Instagram to show people what is true beauty and how everyone is beautiful , I will love to showcase that on magazines about true beauty, it’s not about perfections it’s about who you are and I want to help people fell less alone every day.


kindergarten bullying

i joined kindergarten when i was 4, a year after most people would join kindergarten. when i joined, my whole class started bullying me but i don’t know why. some physically bullied me like pulling my hair, or pushing me etc, while others were extremely mean to me and me only. i had no friends, except for 1. they also verbally bullied me. i used to cry everyday after school and always told my mother about it till my sister called me a ‘complain queen’ so from then on i didn’t cry, i didn’t say anything about it. my mother didn’t do anything about it despite the times i did cry and complain . i survived the bullying for 3 years. when someone mentions the word “kindergarten” i’ll get really angry and upset and it’ll just spoil my whole day. kindergarten was hell.


A Fight For Life

I didn’t know it then,
But I do now.
I was bullied,
I was hurt,
By a girl in my class,
My 5th-grade year.

She left me out at recess.
She left me out at lunch.
I tried my best to do things right,
But it was never good enough.

The classroom wasn’t much better.
She left me out there too.
I tried to befriend the other girls,
But they left me,
Just to be with her.

I tried to tell the teachers.
I tried to tell my mom.
A girl was being mean to me,
Yet, I didn’t see a change at all.

So, I kept it to myself.
Hoping that tomorrow would be better.
Tomorrow turned into next week.
Next week turned into next month.
And soon school was done.

6th grade started up.
That girl was still there.
She left me out some more that year.
Until I had enough.
I don’t want to live anymore,
I cried myself to sleep one night.



I get badly bullied

It started when I was 11, I started when I joined a new school.  it all started on my first day when I introduced myself. they made fun of me cos’ I’m Indian and it hurt quite a bit. It continued until it began to hurt me physically and mentally. I began feeling like I didn’t belong here.