Tell an Adult

If you are being bullied, it’s important to tell an adult. This can be your parents, guardian, or other family member. The adult can also be someone at school, such as a teacher, administrator, school counselor, or someone you trust. Sometimes the first person who you tell might not be able to help you, but don’t give up! Keep telling until you connect with someone who can help.

What to Say

When talking with an adult, remember these steps:

NOTE: It could be helpful to have your Student Action Plan, either a blank version to fill out together or one in which you have already shared some thoughts.

  • Let them know that you’re coming to them for advice.
  • Explain that you’re going through a situation that you can’t fix on your own.
  • Sometimes bullying involves a lot of personal details, if you don’t want to share everything let them know that there are certain things you are not ready to share and ask them to respect that.
  • Emphasize that you want the bullying to stop and that the behavior has hurt you, as well as who is involved in the situation.
  • Ask, “What can be done so that I can feel safe?”
  • Listen to the advice, seek clarification on anything that doesn’t make sense, and share your own ideas.
  • Decide on specific actions you can take together.
  • Clarify what your roles should be moving forward.
  • Ask them what the best way is to communicate about experiencing bullying and whether you’re ready to talk about it.
  • Thank them for listening and caring.

Telling an adult

It might not be easy.
You might wish you didn’t have to say anything.
It can take some time to figure out what to say and how much to share,
But do it.
Do it because silence is bullying’s best friend.
Do it because you’re not alone.
There are people who care that you are safe
And who want your school and online experiences to be positive.
No one should ever go through bullying alone.
Tell an adult!

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