I Care Because…

  • because its mean and rude and nobody should be treated unfair because you never know what they could be going through

    Jose — 13
  • cyberbullying can hurt someone emotionally and mentally

    tina — 13
  • people can change because of cyberbullying. so people need to stop cyberbullying.

    kayden — 12
  • I care because cyberbullying can cause self-harm and depression and we do not want that to happen to many innocent students...

    Isabella — 12
  • Cyber bullying can lead to people becoming insecure about themselves and that is something that I dont want people feeling because you shouldn't be insecure about yourself.

    Jillian — 12
  • i care because no one should get bullied by someone that is just insecure about them self.

  • Cyber Bullying can lead to self harm or traumatize a person growing up

    Kacey — 12
  • there are people who can hide behind a wall and say what ever they want to people on what they think about them.

    Luat — 13
  • it's a big issue in today's society.

    adrianna — 13
  • I care because it's hurtful and no one likes being bullied.

    Giovanna — 12