I Care Because…

  • I care because people who are bullied don't usually speak out about it. They keep it to themselves, maybe because they're embarrassed or pressured. It eats them inside out but they still don't tell anyone. I want to tell them that they don't have to hide it, but if the only comfort they can get are these posts, then I hope there's a million of them.

    NJ — 13
  • Nobody ever deserves to be alone. Bullying shouldn't be something so common and no matter how alone you feel there is always someone that will help you. I care because sometimes not everybody knows the extent of the situation, that someone might be going through. People need to know that we do care and you're not alone.

    KDC — 13
  • I care because this happens all around the world and it could cause self harm, depression, anxiety, insecurities and much more and this problem should not exist.

    Ethan — 13
  • I care because I know what it feels like to be a bully. I did do it to my sister and another girl. I'm sorry to them it hurts that I was able to hurt someone verbally. I have experienced bullying online, an incident that involves two random individuals were rude. Here's my word for advice, if you are being bullied or bully, get some help from an adult; they will help you throughout this experience.

    Unknown — 13
  • I care because not everyone cares about bullying but people should because people can get really hurt from it. Other people can help you out if you tell them like your parents, teachers, friends.

    Jonathan — 13
  • I care because I know that although I've never experienced bullying in either way whether it's being bullied or bullying I know that it isn't something that should be tolerated, I know that bullying is more than calling names, it can sometimes be physical harassment. I know that bullying never produces anything good and for this reason I care. Bullying has many side affects many of which are not pleasant whether it's self harm or depression. I never want to feel that and I know that others don't want to feel that, so for this reason I care.

    Owen — 13
  • Take care of your self no matter what people say you're still beautiful and if anybody makes fun of you tell a adult I know it’s hard times but remember you are amazing all you need is confidence

  • I care because when someone is bullied it is hard to stand up for yourself. You need someone there to have your back. I care because I used to get bullied from my last name being in a different language. I want to help those who need it. I care because it is important to stand up for others.

    Tyson — 13
  • I care Because... I stand up for whoever gets bullied and join in to protect the bullied ones. They should have people protecting them always and stand up always getting rid of those who are mean to those.

    M.O — 13
  • people don't deserve to get bullied, maybe they're having family problems, or even friendship problems. If you see that they are feeling down, you shouldn't make it worse because it could lead to worse things.

    ie —