I Care Because…

  • I feel that all should be treated equally because I know how it feels and I have been through it. Self-Harm is not the answer. We should be strong and talk to our parents and teachers about this problem.They will always help you in the end.

    Zoya — 13
  • I have been bullied and am still being to this day, I want others to know that THERE IS HOPE!! THe pain will end no-one will judge you if you ask for help

    Alexandra — 13
  • I know what it feels like to be bullied and want to help out in whatever way I am able to.

    Kalyb — 13
  • i hate bullies -- they are bad people, they hurt other other people. help the people who are being bullied.

    donovan — 13
  • Bullies are just people who are fighting their own demons, yes what they do is cruel but they may or may not be just unhappy with themselves or their homes and that's why they take their anger out on others.

    Chloe — 13
  • I was bullied when I was younger.

    Tori — 16
  • Can bullies just stop?

    PRESTON — 12 years old
  • I feel very bad for you girls and boys who been bullied or has a friend that has or is still getting bullied

    Javion — 13
  • people should stand out for there self bullying is wrong so stop bullying now.

    malachi — 11
  • people don't deserve being bullied

    preson — 12