I Care Because…

  • I care because I’ve seen the effects of bullying causing my friend to hurt herself. She never told anyone until her mom found out. I wish she would’ve told me. Everything could’ve been different.

    Joe —
  • I care because it has happened to many times to me and if I can finally get away from it, others should too!

    Unknown — ?
  • I care because bullying is never ok, people who bully need to stop, just because you dislike the person doesn’t mean you have to make them suffer! Imagine you were him or her! How would you feel? The victim may have a bad home life or something worse. Don’t bully and be nice! Bullies don’t know their personal life.

    K — 19
  • My friend was bullied once and he was told to kill himself... gut wrenching

    Annonymous — 11
  • I care because I would hope my friends got my back at all times.

  • I am an educator who has seen how bullying can impact the mental state of a middle school student. Some effects are really tragic...we need more kindness in the world, and it begins with you.

    Karolina — 34
  • the reason why i care is because i was bulled and it wasn't fun and i was at a point where i couldnt take so i begged my mom so so long to move me too a new school and i felt so much happier there and i just wanted to say that there is help and time somebody cares

    Braleigh — 12
  • bullying can affect your record when you grow up

    Julian — 11 1/2
  • i have gotten bullied seance when i entered middle school it hurts so bad that i told my mom to switch schools.

    Julian — 11 1/2
  • I think that thé victim of this bullying are in a bad moment in their life and I think the person who does this action should stop this bad activity.

    Ilyes — 13