I Care Because…

  • People are bullying every day and people need to stop now it hurts people.

    Deacon — 11
  • Being bullied is hard. And it’s really hard when you get bullied by the people you love. All my friends have decided to turn on me and bully me for unknown reasons. I want everyone to know you are not alone.

    Lexi — 16
  • i have been bullied before and i would never tell my parents or the teachers untill one day i stood up to a bully and now i am a proud speaker

    yedi — 11
  • I care because I’ve been bullied since 1st grade and now I’m in 7th grade and it’s still happening I hate myself so much to the fact I was ready to give up and I cant stand up for myself but I can always stand up for other people when they get bullied

    Lizzy — 13
  • hello i was bullied by a student and he stole my snack and my money but i'm not being bullied anymore because I spoke. We should speak.

    sam —
  • I Care Because I am being bullied in my school . You should speak because it can go very far if you do not speak

    ethanyonis — 13
  • To help victim of bullying he must talk about it to his parents, or to another person

    Morgan — 13
  • We shouldn’t bully because it makes people sad

    camille — 13
  • if you are being bullied, you should speak to an adult (your parents (your familly), your teacher, your friends, the social worker of your school) but you should speak

    lorie — 13
  • If you are being bullied , do not hesitate to speak about it . We shouldn't stay quiet .

    Maelle — 13