I Care Because…

  • I Care Because bullying is not a good thing because you can stand up for your self or tell the teacher or a parent stop bullying.

    Naseerah — 11
  • I care because bullying affects people on both a physical and mental level and causes both self harm and psychological complexes.

    Ami — 11
  • I care because it is hurtful to someone when you bully them you might not know what they are going through and they might self-harm.

  • I care because i know how it feels to get bullied and how to feel like your alone when you're getting bullied. Also, don't give up and fight back and don't close up and always tell a teacher if it get to that.

    Alexis — 12
  • I care because i was bullied and it is not nice and stand up for your self

    Jenesis — 11
  • I care because I know getting bullied is not fun and can affect people mentally and physically.

    Hanad — 11
  • I care because a lot of teenagers end up hurting themselves in this situation which is very traumatizing especially for the person going through it.

    E.T — 17
  • I care because bullying shouldn't exist in the first place. Bullying can cause the victim/victims to suffer mentally, physically, and emotionally. Physical wounds can heal over time but mental wounds cannot heal overtime by itself. The mental wound/wounds the victim/victims are suffering are fatal, the victim/victims' mental state can also affect the victim/victims physical state and their health.

    Man — 11
  • people don't deserve to be in a state where you start to actually believe what they're saying even though its not true, and just flat out rude of someone. I've personally been in that state, and it's something no one deserves.

    Geovanny — 17
  • bullying destroys lives, and is preventable if we do our part to stop it.