I Care Because…

  • Young and old people should not be bullied in life. You do not know what they are going through in life so you should not bring them down or shut them out just because they dress differently or they are of another religion or they are of a different race. We are all one in one humans. We are suposed to love each other and take care of each other.

    Zuheila — 16
  • Some people are going through something you don't understand and you make it worse for them. When you may see it as a game they see it as a bigger thing that cuts through deeper in their skin. They may try to harm themselves and then you may feel guilty. Remember ALWAYS CHOOSE KINDNESS, it is the key to everything.

    Ana — 13
  • I’m my opinion , always treat people how you want to be treated .Never hesitate to step in when needed to , not when wanted to .

    Daniyah — 13
  • I care because I have experience of getting bullied and could help those who need to build their confidence or need someone to talk to or even needs advice.

    Taniya — 13
  • other people including myself around the world have been through bullying and needed/wanted help...

    Makayla — 12
  • it could be me in that same situation, losing myself because someone else is breaking me down because they don’t feel great about themselves.

    Jaelah — 13
  • bullies are people who were bullied and just don't want to be the victim so try to help the victim and bully

    BUBBA — 12
  • I don't feel well at school when I see some of my friends bullying others but what can I say?

    clara — 15
  • I care cause I get pushed and messed around with too much

    Kyler — 14
  • Bullying is not ok

    Karen —