I Care Because…

  • I like seeing people happy and it makes me really upset when l see people getting bullied. I want everyone to live a good life without bullying and not have issues because you got bullied. Be kind to everyone because you do not know what people are going through in there lives.

    Aliza — 13
  • I believe that bullying isn't funny or a thing that should be ignored so I am pledged that if I see someone doing bullying I will stop them and tell an adult to help that person.

    Hiya — 13
  • So that people do not have to suffer because of some mean kids actions.

    Rudra — 11
  • Bullying is a serious matter that is happening in a lot of schools.

    Landon — 11
  • Bullying is harmful to us as a society. It divides us and has lasting effects on both the bully and the victim. It happens too often and needs to be stopped.

    Ava — 13
  • I know bullying can damage people's mental health severely and I want to make sure nobody has to get their feelings hurt.

    Zoey — 11
  • I care because I want to end bullying and I want kids to stop being scared that they're going to be bullied in Middle School and High School and because that will also help when people are older it will better influence adults

    Kate — 11
  • I care because I don't want to be made feel bad or make anyone feel bad with hurtful comments or actions,

    Satvik — 12
  • Bullying can cause horrible things

    Cash — 13
  • I care because everyone should be able to do what they want freely and not care about someone hurting them, as well as it would help people express more of what they want and be happy.

    Arina — 13