I Care Because…

  • I care because I’ve been bullied my entire life. Bullying should never be allowed.

    Izzy — 14
  • They talk bad about a person

    Sharry — 18
  • I have dealt with being bullied in my life, and it is the worst feeling to have. People make you feel not welcome and not accepted. But here I feel everyone is.

    Abbey — 13
  • if i see anyone bullying another kid i would let the teacher know that he are she is bullying that kid
    and if i see anyone bullying me i will let someone as a adult know what is going on you should never bully another child at school cause that person do not know what is going on in the next person's home . so with that being said stop the bullying

    jaquarius — 14
  • Others should not be afraid to be themselves and to go places because of the fear that someone would make fun of and bully then while people stand there and do nothing.

    m — 13
  • all people are equal.

    Wither — 12
  • Bullying effects many people sometimes it pushes people to self-harm, families and friends lose amazing people, and to those people that we lose feel as there alone, bullying can be light and escalate to far, that’s why I care, I was bullied, I felt alone, and I don’t want anyone to feel that sadness and pain.

    Joel — 116
  • I care about bullying because it can change someone's life. It can change how someone sees themselves, how they feel about themselves. We are special in our own ways and that should be good enough if not for others for yourself. We should be able to be ourselves without having to act like we're something we're not. We shouldn’t be made fun of just because we dressed different or we act different than others or even like different genders maybe even be trans, Or the way our body looks. We are all perfect in our own ways.

    Arianna — 14
  • I care because I, too, was bullied. Throughout my whole school life, I was judged for the way I looked. Bullying, teasing, picking on, does seriously affect others. Bullying has made my mental and physical health decrease. Your actions do have consequences on others.

    Audrey — 13

    Kamiyah — 12