I Care Because…

  • No bullying

    Jalu — 15
  • I want to help people when they can’t ask for it . I care because I hate the thought of people getting hurt thru others actions.

    Ezra — 14
  • no person should be bullied by the way they look so be a better person

    riley — 9
  • Johannes
    I care because bullying can make people hurt themself or doing things in general that isn’t good for them.

    Johannes — 14
  • I know what some people have been through and some other people take their anger out on other people who don't even do anything wrong. treat people how you want to be treated so please bully go away. I hope this helps people don't be scared and speak up.

    Arleth — 12
  • Everyone should feel safe around the society they are in

    Jana — 17
  • Bulling can destroy the personality. Any one can face such situation. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

    Anna —
  • no bullying

    mohamed — 15
  • i don't like bullying and the people who bully others

    am — 15
  • I care about bullying because I have been bullied in my past and I know how it feels. I just want each and everyone to know that you are not alone you may seem alone right now but we’re teenagers and we’re all going to feel like we’re alone and we mean nothing. But I’m just going to be honest with every single person you are perfect it’s okay to feel the way you feel nobody’s perfect everyone’s going to be them there's no changing them. You are so beautiful and I just hope things get better.

    Alana — 14