I Care Because…

  • ME care for ones in tuff RUFF state of being. I don't want anyone to get harmed in a physical, mental, verbal, sexual, or any other way. Look after yourself, and tell someone, and stay safe πŸ™‚

    S β€” 14
  • I want kids to stop bullying because they never know what the other person is going through and they might cause that person to feel bad so i think kids should stop bullying

    CJ β€” 13
  • I notice bullying a bunch at my school. I also get picked on because of my disabilities of Autism and ADHD. I go through life and I had enough.

    David β€” 17
  • I want all kids the stop being bullied. it hurt really bad and the pain is endless

    B β€” 14
  • i get bullied because of my name. I hope that all the kids getting bullied will stop being bullied.

    Bol β€” 15
  • Everyone deserves a chance to be something in this world. I want everyone to be happy and enjoy their lives, no one deserves to feel unwanted or not needed.

    Kyle β€” 18
  • In 5th grade people always made fun of how small I was and called me names and I think we should make bullying extinct.

    Logan β€” 12
  • Alot of people are affected by it and it could lead them to harm themselves or others' lives.

    jasiah β€” 16
  • i care because you never know what something is going through or when they're at their breaking point so i always want to let people know that they're loved or cared about because i went through a lot of stuff these past years and i had a few people that made everything feel a lot better even though it wasn't big things.

    jada β€” 16
  • I care because i don't want to see someone feeling down, and is not good to bully someone. Hurting someone's feelings is not good and you don't know what they have to deal with in their life.

    Maung β€” 17