You are not alone


I made a Facebook account and you knows these email you send that said ‘if you don’t send this in the next 24 hours, something will happen…’. Well, I had one and send it to a group of people. These girls from my old school were included. They started bullying me. There was about twenty to thirty people in that group chat on Facebook. No one did anything. They let them bully me. One person told them to stop. I never thanked them and now, I think that I will write to that person and thank him. Because if he hadn’t…I wouldn’t be here today. But now, I’m glad that I am still alive, breathing. I lived so many things these past few years. Being bullied made me realize something. That you can keep going forwards because great things will happen. Actually, I don’t regret everything that had happened to me. It made me stronger. If I wasn’t here today, I wouldn’t have started acting classes, I wouldn’t start writing stories, I wouldn’t have been happy. We have dark times and it’s normal, but if you can survive them, beautiful things will happen.
I never shared my story before, but to all people out there, who are getting bullied. Be strong. Be confident. Tell someone. It has to stop because it’s not okay.