When The Magic Ends


I’m not much of an outgoing type of person. I’m 17 and I still don’t know how to stick up for myself, and I deal with severe depression and I’m sure many others do too. I know I’m not the first to cry, the first to feel pain and the first to tell someone “I’m fine”. As you may or may not know bullying is an awful thing to experience. At the beginning of 3rd grade I was a happy little girl who was probably waaaay too obsessed with disney. I moved a lot due to my parents’ occupation so I never made any real friends and just did my own thing. When I moved to the state I am currently in around 7 years ago I was shy but excited to start 3rd grade. 1 year passed and I was still a positive little bean, then 4th would eventually change me forever. My dad was on a work trip in which would be 7 months long. I was heartbroken because I had to say goodbye once again to my father a couple of months after he already went on a trip. For months I would wait for him, counting the days down. Kids in my school took note of this, and began to say things about him being gone. One thing you should know is that I have always been a tiny girl, and I’m now finally comfortable with being short but back then people would hit me with the tether ball in the face, laugh, hold me so I couldn’t move and do it again. Over and over, they would through food at me, take my stuff and put it on a tall shelf. And it only got worse due to the fact that I don’t like to confront people. Eventually it died down with the help of my mom and we all went to different middle schools. Bullying is never something that’s ok or excusable. For years I excused this behavior of my fellow peers. Bullying doesn’t just happen in high school but it can happen at any point in your life. I have to go now but my point is that you will never be alone. And you are always appreciated.