My school has always been the type to say they would do everything they could to prevent bullying. Tons of assembly’s about anti-bullying. But in 7th grade, I felt like I would be better off dead. This one girl and I were friends, kinda. We laughed together. But she didn’t know the limits. She started hurting me. Physically and mentally. She hit me square in the stomach one day. That’s when I realized that this wasn’t a joke to her. She kicked me. She slapped me. Left red marks on my face. She would even go as far as grabbing my hand with such a powerful grip that I couldn’t get away and she would dig three nails into my wrist, leaving a purple mark afterwards. One time I started bleeding. She left a scar there for two weeks at a time. I was upset. I didn’t know what to do. Some of my friends saw it too. But did nothing. I felt hopeless. She decided to go to our schools assistant principal and twist the story to say that I was hurting her and causing her harm. I thought that maybe this would be the way out of this by telling the assistant principal that it was the other way around. I told him about the marks on me. And I showed him the mark. And he even called in some of my friends to interview them on this. They said that it was true. I thought “yes. I will finally be free of her.”. It was a dream come true, or so I thought it would be. The assistant ended up just telling us to keep our distance. I was heartbroken. I even resorted to self harm. She got nothing for my times spent crying in the shower or random break downs. My separation from the outside world. I have a boyfriend now who is the light of my world. Always there for me. He understands me. I’m grateful. But I still want this girl to at least understand that she hurt me. Even though it’s been a while, a long time, I still remember it like it was yesterday. I don’t want this girl to die or anything. Never. But I want her to have a little understanding of what I felt like. If she has a genuine apology, I would start taking baby steps to forgiving her.