Tired, weary and confused


For months now at my school I’ve been bullied by this group of girls, or as me and my friend who we’ll call Blondie like to refer to them as, the bully buddies.
They’ve been attacking me and Blondie and my other friend who we’ll call Blue Eyes, for months. The attacks range from physical violence to verbal threats to fake accusations. One day the leader, who we’ll call Snotface, threw all kinds of homophobic, racist, inappropriate, disrespectful comments at me and Blue Eyes. We reported Snotface and lo and behold, a teacher actually did something about it! Snotface and her friend (alias Two-Sided) spent the rest of the day in our vice principal’s office being questioned. Snotface’s parents and my parents were called in and Snotface was given a month of detention. The principal is also putting in measures to protect me Blondie and Blue Eyes from Snotface and Two-Sided. The moral of this story is: If you report someone once and nothing happens, KEEP TRYING. Tell as many people with as much description as you can, till the bullies get what’s coming to them. I know it’s cliche, but it’s true. And remember: you are smart, strong, beautiful, and loved. And don’t let anyone change that.