There is always hope


There is this girl in my school who is known for being unloved because she is a trouble maker so she had no friends her age, she hanged out with younger girls who are also trouble makers, so one day I discovered that she was bullied by them the whole time for two semesters (6-7 months) she always had bruises in her body and was pushed from the stairs twice. her classmates wanted to help but since they weren’t her friends no one wanted to get in trouble, and teachers only tried comforting her a few times but never did anything to help.. however one day she tried standing for herself and the next day we hear that she is being expelled!! Everyone was shocked specially that she always went crying to the supervisor all day long nearly every day since the bullying started. We all thought how can we let a girl our age be bullied and expelled because of younger girls?! So We couldn’t stay quiet any more, all her classmates and some girls from other classes along with me (over 30 students) went to the principal to speak for her, we stayed for more than half an hour trying to convince him that she was the one bullied, even the supervisor claimed that it was her first time hearing about that!! But in the end the girl was not expelled and bullying stopped. Although bullies didn’t get punishment (idk why but it was so worth it to do that, now the girl is more mature and got new friends.
What I wanted to say is never keep silent about the bullying, how many members a group of bullies could therebe? Not more that the rest of the class! So if you cooperate you can help these people and stop bullying. And for those who are bullied, never give up because one solution failed, you can try other solutions, and don’t get all depressed.