The Numbers 9 and 15


I was bullied for 9 years by 15 different people. It started out as just teasing and calling me names, but then it started getting worse as rumors started going around about me. The rumors started when a boy touched me and a girl saw. After that people started to call me ” the slutty fake.” I started to become very isolated from people and eventually I faded away into a deep dark hole. Guys started to come up to me and I remember one specific guy came up to me and gave me $10 to “strip” for him. This happened with 15 different guys. they not only did that, they beat me up and called me names. I eventually found a group of kids that didn’t care about the rumors and learned to love me for me. I now am in high school, but I have flashbacks and certain words will trigger my emotions. I have trust issues when it comes to guys getting near me. I am currently taking steps to help with this and I am starting by taking my body back. The numbers 9 and 15 have become apart of me and in some crazy way, it makes me a stronger woman and it pushes me to become the happy, beautiful, crazy, fun, independent girl I once was.