The bullying thing pt. 2


I’ll tell more of the story. I accidentally pressed the submit button last time. The girl from summer camp was laughing when A was saying stuff to me. All I remember is the girl was saying stuff about me during swimming. A got off her chair and starting saying stuff close to my ear. I was holding my tears. When class ended, I walked out of the door and A walked out and she shouted right in my ear! It didn’t hurt though. I think I jumped a little. Later on in the morning, I got off my bus and I saw A. She was staring at me and walking to the door. I got annoyed and covered my face. I did told my sister that she was being mean to me and prayed to god to make it stop. Also hoped that she’s absent. In art class again, I moved to another table. During free time, I was drawing a cartoon character and some girl said she liked my drawing and I thanked her. She asked A if she liked my drawing and she said no and said something after that I can’t remember. I did cry. The next day I heard that Alex said to the art teacher that she’s moving to another town. I was happy when she said that! I never get to see her again! I thanked god! And later on I never saw her. I also remember these 2 girls that lived in the same street as me where I used to live were bullying me. I remeber these 3 girls were bullying me back when grade 9. I’m still kinda bullied now. But I’ll try my best to stay strong. You guys and girls get through this horrible thing.