Stop it please


High school and junior high were hell for me. Every day guys from adjacent classes would push me over, threaten me with knives, nails, or what ever sharp objects they had. I developed severe chronical depression and due to family problems I didn’t dare to speak at home. Some of my friends noticed that I went from a semi-loud guy to a quiet one, and instead of asking the reason they decided to spy on me to find out why did I go quiet. The bullying got harder, then comes summer, after which high school. naturally I was hoping for a fresh start but no. A bully just had to choose the same high school and immediatly started to rumour about my “skin disease that kills” I made a few new friends and I finally had enough. I told my friends what was going on, and for all I know the bully disappeared from school. If you are a bully Stop it. It isn’t gonna help you. And if you’re bullied either tell a staff member, or your friends.