Stay strong


I was bullied in 6th grade a lot, but there was one girl specifically who would force the teachers to sit her next to me, and when the teacher wasn’t looking, she would get out of her seat and slap me in the neck really hard. The people who saw it always denied it. We sat together in almost every class, so she did this a lot. She would call me fat, ugly, and make fun of my name. When I went to the bathroom, she would go into my backpack and steal my stuff, sometimes breaking important stuff I needed for school. She called me bestie, and the first day we met (I was new to this class) she asked me, “How do you drink from a straw if you have no lips?” I reported her multiple times, to multiple teachers, but none of them did anything. There were times when I just wanted to cry, but I couldn’t because she would just laugh more. I moved away, and I’m no longer being bullied, but those experiences will always stick with me.