Standing up


Yesterday I witnessed a kid in class being fat shamed and bullied behind his back. I’m not going to sugar coat it the kid that was being bullied was not the most pleasant to be around. But I sat there and watched the bully mock him and make fun of him. I desperately wanted to help him, but I for some reason couldn’t speak. I was angry and I left that class angry not only at the bully but at myself for not doing something. So last night I laid in bed rehearsing what I was going to say to the bully in class. Now this morning I went into my 5th period (econ) and was filled with rage and anger when I saw that now the bullies were throwing food at the kid. And at that moment I gave him a piece of my mind. And the bully brushed it off and tried to act cool , that’s when I rock it one step further and told the teacher and then I got a thank you from the kid I was standing up for. It feels good to stand up and speak your mind versus not saying anything and beating yourself up for not saying anything. But I don’t want to make people feel like this act was brave or heroic in someway or form because I believe that if we all were to stand up to bullies then, more people could enjoy their lives.