School sucks


I have always been on the bigger side but it never really bugged me till 7th grade. I had lost a lot of weight and seem happier and I had stop wearing oversizes hoodies and I was now in Large and medium instead of XL. I was happy but then boy would say stuff about it and so would some of my friends. then it started happening a lot more. then Summer rolled around and i lost more weight but i knew it would never go away because my dad was bigger but when 8th grade started The people I was friends with would make fun of my body and I stop eating I had people telling that i was a cow and needed to go on a run. I let their words get to me. I still have people calling me fat and by now it had gotten worst and i was too scared to tell. Me and this girl used to be friends and one day we just stopped talking and then she started bullying me making fun of me, when she would walk beside me she would make noises at me or she would call me fat for just looking at her. It hurt and i wanted to punch her so bad i was ready too but i couldn’t because i’m still too scared to tell anyone and being away from my school would be a lot better.