Scared and alone


I was in year 7 when the bullying started . A group in my year started to call me names. Donkey, big teeth and many more disgusting names that linked towards my teeth. I ignored it but it carried on for a year, I didn’t tell anyone because I was afraid to, afraid of what they were going to say to me. Soon it escalated. They started to make my friends hate me, they got underneath my skin. I came home everyday crying until my mum realised a change in my behaviour. She notice that I was more angry and stressed, she asked me what going on. I said “nothing” and she left as that. It was until near Christmas time my brother caught these group of girls teasing me and he finally made tell my mum. After telling her I felt a bit better, she told the school but they didn’t really helped. The next day, every single person ignored me. No one spoke to me and I had to ring my dad to pick me up. After a couple more months of this bullying, it started to turn to violence. Now my dad had enough and took it to the police. It finally ended.
One thing that I learnt from that experience was not to keep it to yourself because it can physically and mentally damage you. Like now, I have been told I have social anxiety and lack of self confidence and belief. Talk someone if you feel alone and you need help.