It all started I the 6th grade. I was born socially awkward and it was especially reenforced because no one talked to me ever since kindergarten to the 6th grade then so it made it especially easy for me to be in awkward situations like being alone in another room with a guy for example. (I’m a guy and I’m straight). Sometimes a guy would take my paper and I’d reach to get it back and I’d accidentally touch their hand slightly which led to them screaming I was gay. I panicked and didn’t know what to do and being quiet I remained that way. That’s how to rumor started. I was put in a box I didn’t belong in and I was being verbally abused because of it. And it didn’t take long for some 8th grader to lock me in a room with their friend and for him to hurt me. This continued on for months. I recently spoke about it to my friends and close family and I’m getting the help I deserve