Over and Over


My name is A. My story is less of a story and more of a poem. I wrote this when i was at point of just ending it all. My bullying started in elementary school. At the time I didn’t really pay attention to it because I thought the things they were saying was just jokes. At that time most of the people that talked about me were friends. But it didn’t stop there. Middle school got better but when I got into high school it started back. Girls would call me fat, nasty, and more. But anyways when all of this was happening I wrote this poem :
Mentally Bound Mind
By: A.M.

Black and White confused eyes
Gone, unwritten, unknown
She leisurely dies
Her mind never shown

Inside dark, dead, unshown
Outside, bright, alive, pretty
Bound in one place. Alone.
Life passing her. Gritty.

Pushing and trying to fight
Emotions hated and afraid
Her mind needed light
Everything around seemed selfmaid

Laid out in cold blood
Light? No light to be seen
Soon to be covered in mud
For the first time she sees green
This is how i was feeling at the time. I felt color blind because i was being bullied by people i thought were my friends and people i thought was my family. I started to see their true colors my sophomore year. I got to a point were I just gave them what they wanted. i didn’t talk to anybody. I stayed to myself but I soon realized that was just me punishing myself so I started to stand up for myself and a lot of the taunting stopped but you know there is always those few who want to feel inferior always. The moral of it all is once I started to ignore them and defend myself they felt there wasn’t really anything for them to do or say. You should always find a way to make them feel less empowered. It don’t always take you standing up to them but once you stop giving the reactions they want, it helps you .