Sometimes I couldn’t even tell if it was affectionate. When I came to the school, nobody really talked to me. The only people who welcomed me besides my teacher was a small group of people that everyone seemed to hate. I liked hanging out with them and appreciated their interests. In the wintertime, a lot of boys began to turn against me. They’d call me names like “fat, flat, doofus, monkey, Shrek, ogre, man (I am a female), and other names that had bad intent. Once I bumped into a boy by accident and he punched me in the neck so hard I had a bruise. I had finally snapped when they said I was autistic like my brother. My brother may have had some learning differences but for one thing wasn’t autistic. They knew I told the teacher and accused me of being a snitch. Luckily for me, the teacher got them to the principal and I was just so happy to have justice.