My story


When I was in primary,I never would’ve thought of the unexpected person that came into my group of friends was bullying me.But,now that I am older and am in comprehensive I realise that I was. It all started when this girl came into my group of 2 friends. Me and my 2 friends used to play Harry Potter and other imaginative games like that and it was good and really fun but when the girl that I’m gonna call “L” came to play with us she changed every single thing. I can’t remember a single moment without her being there and making me feel like I had something wrong with me. She made us play games that consisted of her being the queen of HER land and me ending up as some sort of servant.She would come to every play time with us,every time I got invited over someone’s house,L was there. Along down the line,it got worse. My friends started to say nasty childish things towards me such as “crybaby” and act like I wasn’t even there in a way. Like I was a shadow almost,L had turned my life into a living hell into the fact that I wouldn’t go out of the toilets into the classroom at all. None of my teachers told my parents that I was crying every day for some reason,nor were they even necessarily caring that I was,it’s like they didn’t care wether or not I got hurt. My bullying went on for at least 4 years and it has finally ended as I told the girl that I despised her only now as I’m going into my GCSEs . My friends still adore L so now I no longer call them my friends. Cause they did absolutely nothing about me crying. And I’m happy that I’ve now realised I was bullied in a way because I am the better person than L,and I will always be.