my friends are bullies


it started 3 years ago since I got my friends who are bullying me until now, they are really mean to me but I don’t know why I trust them so much, I feel they’re really my friend who bullies me because I study so hard and not partying with them they were always saying to me “come on it will be fun studying is boring” also they said I have to drink a beer so I can have real fun, but I said to them no in an anger way and they should study too, that when they started to bully me, and say hurtful words to me, I cried so hard when I get home from school, my mom said to me “what’s wrong sweetie?”, then I stay silent without saying any word, my mom looked worried, and my dad always when I don’t answer mom he gets mad and sends me to my room, I cried so hard until it’s bedtime, I was already asleep, at the next day goes the same, then today I feel really sad.