my experience of being bullied in middle school


I would like to share my story of how I was bullied and teased for three years in middle school. (from the 6th grade to the 8th grade)
I also want to say I have asperger’s syndrome and that was the main reason for the bullies tormenting me for three dark and depressing three years, I am not blaming my asperger’s , there is nothing wrong with having it and there is nothing with being different and unique. Bullying is a major problem across the world especially in public schools. I was teased for my casual style, braces, curly hair, being a new student, diet, and being a nice smart kid with asperger’s. I was called a really ugly names even though I never acted in those ways in school. I told on the kids and even my parents reported it to the school board and still nothing improved. Bullying and cruel methods ruin lives and it needs to be stopped, this is not normal, it must be stopped once and for all to have a peaceful world for all.