My experience


I remember my boy being bullied when he was in year 4 . My boy loved school he loved everything about school . Until he started getting bullied everyday my son really started to change his attitude he always felt unwell then he always used to scream when he had to get out the car . We spoke to the teachers head teacher but still kept happening. Now from all that bullying he has suffered from anxiety and depression since year 4 he is now year 7 he has trust issues he has no friends. They caused my son to have anxiety attacks really bad nose bleeds it goes on and on he didn’t even want to leave the house my son still suffers today. My son has to take medication and even sleeping tablets as he won’t sleep . All of this because of bullies I took my son out the school myself as I was more worried about his mental state and his health. I asked the schools if he could have home tuition he got refused twice. He now only has work sent home he has lost out on loads of education. These bullies really don’t understand how hard it is for someone and the parents when there doing what there doing it changes people’s lives. But it’s ok for these bullies they are still in education and having friends — my son does not have any friends and has trust issues anxiety and depression. Bullying needs to stop and more people and schools need to listen as even schools and teachers can be half to blame.