My experience


Let’s start with a little bit of background | I have Atopic dermatitis or ezcema to be simplistic, Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition where your skin is cracked, dry, red, and most of the time itchy. I have a servere case of Atopic dermatitis and sadly, there is no cure. Me and my family have tried everything over the years such as medications, ointment, and moisturizers but after having tried everything you can think of for 13 years, I still have this annoying itchy and dry skin.| Now, let’s get on with my experience in bullying | The bullying started when I was 5 years old, of course it was minor since I was only in kindergarten but over the years it got worse and worse. The worst came in 6th grade, the more popular kids would call me ‘ebola’ or ‘grandma’ because of my dry or weird-looking skin. My friends in that grade would constantly get bullied because they were my friend, so most of my friends either betrayed me because they were getting bullied or plain just didn’t like me. I’m shy when it comes to meeting people but when I actually get to know them, you won’t hear me stop talking. Anyway, I had been at the same school until 6th grade so I knew almost everyone there, the staff, the principal, and even the elective teachers personally. I was a star student to them but when I went to the principal about the bullying, absolutely nothing was done. For this reason I left that school and began homeschooling, now i’m doing VERY well. I now am far ahead of my grade and am about to finish the school year up in only 6 months. I would love to become a child advocate for bullying and let them know they’re not alone. Thank you for reading my story! Stay positive but always remember, you’re beautiful just the way you are.