My Elementary School Bully


I was never picked on in front of my face. I was never popular, but 5th grade is when it started for the first time. A boy who let’s call A. used to call me “Fatty [my name here]”. I was devastated. I knew I was a little bigger because I had hit puberty and the changes were coming. I knew I was among the first few to experience it. It started in September before the teacher stopped it. At Christmas time that year, we did secret Santa as a class. I wrote that I liked hockey and cooking/baking on my slip of paper. I got a cookbook I was super excited to use. I was so excited to try out all the recipes when A. said “why would you get Fatty [my name here] a cookbook? She’s already so overweight and will die from it.” Since then, I have never looked at food the same and feel triggered when someone is called “fat”. Due to A, I started to eat less, I started to skip meals, I had suicidal thoughts, I started to starve, I thought it was over. I just wanted to be left alone, even if it meant me dying. This is proof bullying is NOT a joke. Please think twice before you speak.

A did move to another country before I went to middle school and high school.