My bully almost killed me


I would start my story at the beginning, where it all began, except i can’t. I don’t remember exactly when it all started, the first time I was laughed at, the first time I was hit, the first time I was called a name or, the first time my own friends hurt me. I can’t tell you this, because when it first started, I didn’t even know that my own “friends” were bullying me. The first time i can remember been bullied was at the age of 7. I was just like any other young girl in primary school, except for the fact that I was a competitive gymnast. One day I come to school and there’s my group of friends on the playground. I walked right up to them and said “hey, what you doing?” they turned around and suddenly stopped talking. At that point, one of the older girls came up to me. She was a lot taller and I was very scared of her. All she did was look down at me, I could hear the others laughing and whispering behind her. I tried to look at them except the older girl grabbed my shoulder and pushed me away. I wanted to tell the teacher but I knew it would only make it worse so instead I went to the girls bathrooms and sat their crying for the rest of the break. I can remember the next day aswell. I remember getting a drink from the water fountain. I was there when all of a sudden I felt a hand on the back of my head, whoever t was pushed my head into the fountain. I lifted my hand from the button that made the water flow but it kept running, someone else had their hand their. I was there for around 3 minutes before they let me go. They could’ve really hurt me and didn’t care. It got worse as it went on but one day sticks in my head more than any other. It was the first day of high school and I was in the same class as the bullies from my primary. I’d asked to move classes but there wasn’t any space in any other class. Nobody bothered me until it came to PE. We had swimming, everything went well until one of the other students almost drowned. The teacher told us all, to get out the pool whilst she took the girl to medical. I got out and stood far from the edge. Now, I wasn’t a very good swimmer at this time and was still learning. Nearly everyone else could swim. Suddenly, I felt two pairs of hands grad by arms and another on my back. They were trying to push me into the water. I tried to resist but wasn’t strong enough against three people. They managed to push me into the water. I went under and nearly drowned. I managed to reach the surface again, gasping for air. I reached for the edge and tried to climb out, a hand suddenly pushed my head under water. They held me there for a long time. When they let go, I couldn’t breath, couldn’t think, hear and was falling under water. If it wasn’t for the teacher returning, I would’ve drowned. The teacher rescued me and asked why I was in the water. I was scared to tell her so I said that I didn’t know. She asked again and said that it wasn’t like me. I gave her the same answer, she sent me to medical where I was sent home. Until this day, nobody except my class knows about that. Not a single person told the teacher or my parent. I am now 14 and I’m still scared to swim. I don’t talk to my bullies and struggle to make new friends as I’m scared they turn out like my old friends. I am now however, stronger than I was, physically and mentally. I may only have five friends, but their real friends who care about me. I have always wanted to try and stop or reduce bullying.