Keep fighting


Hi my name is K i’m in Junior High and there has been lots of rumors and drama. It has been going on for awhile but I didn’t get to me but then people started to call me the h word or fat, ugly, selfish, and stupid. It all started when I met a boy and everyone said eww break up with her, but we lasted till three months and three days. Then more rumors came up that I sent nudes to his best friend, or that i’m cheating on him, or that i’m using him, or that I have never liked him. Well then it came to me so I wanted to hurt myself. And I didn’t like it but my mom told me ” K you need to stand up for yourself and don’t let them say them things.” At first I was scared to but i’m scared when I really let it out people are going to hate me even more. I know these hate words or bullying hurts but don’t let that get to you. Never be scared to fight back, and to tell them to stop cuz its just not right