I am in 8th grade and I have suffered from some bullying. Rumors have swirled around about me a lot and I have been name called so often that I do not remember the last time there was a day without someone saying something to me. My big gap between my two front teeth has always been the biggest joke for the boys but for the girls, it was my outfits. Everyday boys would say how they could park these huge cars between my teeth and everyday someone asks me when I am gonna get braces. But with girls it is so much worse even though the boys are picking my biggest insecurity, the girls have made my choice of outfits my now biggest insecurity. Everyday girls tell me that I dress ugly or what I am wearing is gross. I wear jeans and do not cuff them once and they make a big deal out of it. I was wearing my mom jeans that day and did not cuff the bottom part. I did not it needed to be done because they are mom jeans and they are supposed to be like that but then came all the names. My ´friends¨ call me Bob The Builder and tell me my outfits are ´unique´ but the same friend once told me that when she thinks outfits are ugly, she calls them unique. I have this clothing app on my phone and I put something on my private snapchat story about what my style should rated out of 5 stars. Only two people answered. One rated 3 out of 5 stars and the other rated 3 out of 5 stars. I think the rest of the people on my private story did not want to be mean even though they are at school. I cry all the time. At school, at home, in the car, everywhere. My life is not the best outside of school and school has not made it any easier.