It takes pressure to make diamonds.


It’s a long one, but here goes:
in my Montessori school, I was constantly being bullied since elementary school. You see, my teeth used to to (and still does) buck out, and I hated (still do) myself for it. I always thought it was all my fault that I was as ugly as I was. People called (still do) me terrible names like “buck toothed beaver” and “ugly”. Some people would take the extra mile of hurting me to make me upset, by throwing me into aquaponic systems (look it up) and throwing things at me on purpose (like footballs and books and occasional flying water bottle). They chair me (when the pull the chair from beneath you) and put me in headlocks. I remembered one time when I had to lock myself in the girls bathroom to keep myself from being hurt by bullies. I started getting sick of having people push me around and crying every day that I started to tell the principal and most teachers, but they mostly sat and watched (except the principal; he just used the same punishments), which made me ANGRY. I started to think that it was my fault that the grown ups wouldn’t do anything about it, and I fell into a depression for months. I would randomly burst out crying and I would isolate myself from people because I didn’t trust a single person in class. I was miserable, and I wish I would have toughened up sooner. I frequently talked to my Mom and Dad about my bullying issues and they listen respectfully. They always tell me that “pressure makes diamonds”. I later realized that they recycled that from that Chris Rock comedy skit, but it was still true. Pressure DOES make diamonds, and people being nice to me wasn’t the answer. People like me NEED a chance to get a kick of the real world to know how to deal with mean people at your job. Sure, they won’t trip you or throw chairs at your head, but people are mean, like it or not. To all you other 6, 7, and especially 8th graders, hear me out:

It’s time to be a diamond. Shine bright.
P.S: I have braces now, so my teeth are being fixed!