i got and am getting bullied


so it all started when i was in 5th grade i had these ¨friends¨ that were nice to me and they sat with me at lunch and everything and then one day everything changed one day i was walking to the table i normally sat at and they said i couldn’t sit with them i was annoying. when they said that my heart dropped and i had to go sit by myself.then everyday they would taunt me and bully me. i had nobody i felt like trash.then when i got into 6th grade it got worse. so the summer before 6th grade i said to myself i didn’t want to feel this way anymore so i decide to cut my hair and change my style so that way i would give off an intimidating look and nobody would mess with me but that didn’t help.  so then i just couldn’t take it anymore and got really bad i was depressed for a very long time. and eventually started doing self harm.nobody cared. so then i went into 7th grade it got a little better but still didn’t stop the same people the same things. then 8th grade came which i’m in right now. and i still get bullied people call me names and go ¨boom¨ boom¨ when ever i walk and my friend is always making fat jokes about me when i told her i didn’t like it. so i am not depressed anymore but i know i have really bad issues but i’m getting over the issues and i’m still getting bullied but i’m better. it does get better and if you report them you’re not a snitch just know someone out there cares about you i promise.