How Rude


I don’t usually say this because I usually get called out for this, but here goes nothing
I like to draw cartoons and anime figures, and I am quite fine at it, but there is this other girl who bullies me for the way I draw. She and her shady group of friends make fun of me and draw pictures of me covered in red marks and with X-ed out eyes. This was only the start. Soon the bullying got physical, and they would try to shove me down the toilet, lock me in my locker and punch me a lot. It began to affect my grades, and once one of the girl’s friends cut me, and the teachers didn’t do a thing, well, that was because the girl was rich and could sue the school. But one day the girl’s mom came to school and caught her bullying me. That was the best moment I ever had! She grounded the girl for a LONG time and made her swear that she won’t do it ever again. SO far she hasn’t done anything yet.