I had been teased a lot growing up, but what I was getting at home was worst. Some how, even with all of this hurt in my life, I moved forward. There are people out there that are willing to listen, and yes, I understand many people wear masks. It is hard to fine someone that is genuine. There are so many people that ask you, “how are you doing?” They don’t want to know more than, “Fine.” I am here to tell you, there are people out there that can handle more than fine.
I think the reason why I can is because I let the hurt strengthen me. I stood strong and tall most days and I wouldn’t take, “no” for an answer. Don’t let the fight jade you or make you someone you’re not.
Find your voice and know you are not alone. Tell anyone and everyone your story, their is power in words. I am in a good place now and for the first time in life I have hope. You can too. Don’t give up.