Girl with the scars on her face


I believe I’m special, in more ways than one.
When I was 6 years old i got into a terrible motorcycle accident into barbed wire and as suggested by the title, i got hurt on my face. Lucky for me I had just hit the height of not being decapitated and not going blind… I got cut around my mouth. All in all I got 62 stitches and had to miss most of the school year because of the surgery I had to go through and having to be rethought how to move my lips to make sounds and to even eat…

When I got back to school i was looked at like an alien since then and honestly, i felt like one too. I was never the shy type… but quiet when uncomfortable. Kids would call me scarface and made rude comments like “why did your cat scratch your face? Serves you right, why did you kiss your dog? Are you an evil spirit? What did you do to your face??” They always said i would never be beautiful and I believed them for most of my life… kids would runaway from me, not want to befriend me and would even pull my hair, though I think that was because I was the only mixed kid in class.

No one would talk to me because my scars were “scary”… the only people I had were my cousins, they always played with me like they always used to, there was nothing different to them. So naturally, I got used to hanging around with guys and not girls because girls always had something bad to say or do to me. This didn’t make it any better for me. I would cry myself to sleep every time someone made a rude comment about me. I would even get into fights because of them… I hated my scars.

Now I’m 18 and it’s been 12 years, the scars have faded a little bit, but they’re still very visible, I have so many friends I can’t even count how many. I have a best friend who loves me very much and even gets mad at me when I say I’m not pretty. Now I believe I am beautiful, but will never admit it to anyone. I’ve grown to love my scars and have so much confidence its unbelievable. I’ve been asked to talk about it all to churches, schools and even youth groups, its never easy at first, and everyone is gonna have something to say… but remember you’re not alone in this one.