Getting Over the Effects


I have two brothers who were both bullied in school. I don’t know if I got lucky or something, but watching the effects hurts me so much. There’s a decent age gap between us. My brother is 24, I am 14, and my youngest brother is only 9. I never understood why my brother hated school when I, his little sister, loved it. Now, I understand. My best friend and I were so excited to have our little brothers, who were already best friends, start kindergarten, but when they started, a child barely in second grade started messing with them on the bus. He insulted them, took things until I made him give it back, and even physically hit them. That drew the line. I loved school, and I was not letting him ruin it for my brother. I found the kid’s name in a yearbook and reported him. He was punished and moved to a different bus. My mother had such mixed emotions about not confronting him how she did with my eldest brother- going to the bully’s house. I didn’t let her. The WORST PART? My little brother still dislikes school. It’s gotten better, but he believes he will never be like me or enjoy school. This is the same kid that can give you the entire history, including pop culture, of America to you in fourth grade. Im so proud of him, too. But one bully simply ruined my brothers’ opinions of school. As soon as my littlest was introduced to the situation, he was bullied. He’s over the bully, but I don’t think he will ever recover from what his first impression of school was like.