Getting bullied everyday in a new school


I moved from another city to live in the city I’m currently living in . I was excited to be in the school I’m in right now, because it was a big step for me to change many things in my life. The first week passed and nothing happened, until I started to get bullied by several class mates during class everyday, because I’m quiet, different, bisexual, and had no friends. my teacher saw everything that happened to me, yet he did not do anything. Being in the high school I’m in makes me feel extremely awful. especially knowing that there is no one that stands against bullying in the class room. I’m waiting for days to pass because things have not gotten any better for three months now. I had my first breakdown today and that is why I am here writing this down. If there is a teacher reading this, then please don’t let your students get bullied and don’t just stand there laughing at them. having to cry everyday is exhausting, and I can’t talk to anyone about it because there is no one to talk to. I just hope that I can make it through the semester .