For Ten Years


I have been bullied since my first year of kindergarten. By the same group of people for almost my entire life. In elementary I was always the target of everyone. I was called fat, ugly, and no one liked me. Even though I was (Then) an outgoing smart kid. All of my fourth grade friends were fake, I found out after they told me at the end of the year. I cried it hurt my heart. Teachers didn’t seem to care either even though it was happening right in front of their eyes. I’m heading into high school now and it’s been better this year. Found some real friends in sixth grade and people are starting to like me. Also the group of bullies are heading to different schools now. So that’s a huge relief. Although I did not survive unscathed, all this bullying has left me as a hollow shell of my former self. I’m now an introvert that hates social gatherings and is always socially anxious and paranoid. (Even around my family) I have such trouble talking to girls now (I’m a boy) and I don’t open up to them even though I really want to. I have crushes and I’m terrified of confessing my feelings to a girl because of the bullying I have put through for years. Although I’m trying to be more open about myself and my feelings. Now I wonder could my life have been different if I told someone, if my life could have been happy. If I told someone about the torture I have been through for ten years.