“Fake Friends”


I’ve had a few friends in middle school. We were a trio and always close. I am going to refer to my friends as K and P. K was sweet and innocent, whereas K was the exact opposite. K pretended to be very friendly at the beginning of the school year. Then, she manipulated P to develop hatred feelings towards me. K would make comments like “you are so stupid and fat” even though I didn’t fail at any of my grades and was not overweight. She would do so by comparing her “skinny” features to mine, and to be honest, there weren’t much of a difference. She would make up things that would have never happened in real life and gain popularity. At test she turned all sweet and stuff, but really it was my answer she was looking for. P alone was nice, but whenever K was around she would get all defensive when I argued back to K. She will hush me to let K talk and steal my things even though I knew it was her. They embarrassed me during class once by grouping up to chant about how spoiled and horrible I was.

There are toxic people out there, and now I’ve learnt to defend myself anytime K tries to attack me.