experiencing bullying


bullying first started in grade 9 I started at a new school and hung with all the popular girls I thought that they were my friends however it didn’t take long before they stabbed me in the back. Their was this one girl that didn’t like me from the day I arrived. She got jealous when I was invited to parties and became friends with guys that she liked. she got to the point where she would trip me , send me abusive messages and told me to kill myself more than once the more that I thought about the more I thought that I was worthless eventually all my so called friends believed her and told me that I had to leave the group I was shattered as they were meant to be my friends. I began to hang out with the popular boys which only increased her bullying she got so jealous she made stories up. when it came to reporting the bullying she denied the whole thing but thankfully I had messages and witnesses and she got suspended and never came back to school.