bus bullies


my story is not as awful or sad as some others but i have been bullied it was in fourth grade [im in sixth now] on the bus. now i used to hate riding the bus but this just made it worse this girl i won’t say her name but her her older sister and one of their friends used to send me off the bus in tears every day and i wish i could say this continued till i stood up to them or told the teacher but in reality it continued till the girl’s older sister and her friend moved up to sixth grade and next year the girl didn’t really bother me but for a big chunk of fourth grade it was awful on the bus and there was this one girl i want to mention again i won’t say names but for the story i’ll call her Z now she is also a year older than me but she was still really nice and the only thing i had to cheer up those parts of the year were her and her corny yet funny jokes
sooo yeah that’s my story i hope things in this world change soon people need to just be kind!!!