Bullying Should be Stopped


Last year at my old school I was bullied. It wasn’t the normal bully that comes up to your face and talks their talk or the bully walking up to and making fun of you. No, I had stalls full of nasty comments that people would write about me. It started as one at the beginning of the year then I got many more as the year went on. I would come home crying thinking I wasn’t worth anything because of these comments on the stalls. My parents had enough of it but I told them I had it under control. So I asked the principal to take them down, but he and the rest of them were too lazy to take care of it. So they are still on the stalls for everyone to see. Please if you are the bully just stop. You don’t know the people you are bullying. You do not know what they go through at home. You might be the reasoning behind their sadness. Just stop being the bully and be their friend.