Bullying needs to stop


when i was 12 years old i had a bully. they acted nice around teachers and other kids and no one believed me. i was insulted everyday by them . i was picked on for liking Pokemon and under tale. they made fun of my looks and my drawings. they called me stupid, fat, weird, ugly and said no one likes me and i should just kill myself. i hid it from my parents because i thought that they would make things worse. i smiled to make sure that my friends thought nothing of it. then someone saw it happening to me and stood up for me. they said they liked Pokemon and under tale. they told me that my drawings looked cool and that is what i needed. i started to be more open, i talked to my friends and family about it. i now help others who were bullied or are being bullied and try my best to make it stop. it worked every time so now its clear that anyone can stop bullying. and i think that everyone is important and should be happy. that’s why i want bullying to stop. it is possible.