Bullying doesn’t stop at school


I am a teenage girl now, in middle school. I have been bullied by almost the same groups of kids my whole schooling life. I’ve cried in the bathroom, taken mental health days to get away from it, sat by myself at lunch, and lost a lot of friends along the way. I have anxiety and I’m so self conscious because of bullying and it has really affected my personality. Here’s the most recent attack that I can’t get over. I’m a dancer, so on Instagram I posted my dance pictures for the beginning of the new competition season. The next day I was at school and all day kids kept coming up to me. They were saying things like, “ugly” “double chin” “fatty” , and a “prostitute” for wearing a leotard like I was supposed to. I was crushed and so down on my self. The bullying didn’t stop there when I went home I got snapchats, text messages, and Instagram DM’s saying the same or worse things about my appearance or just because I posted something on Instagram. This really hurt and I cried when I got home, I needed people to be a friend. Like I said I’ve been dealing with bullying from 2nd grade to now and I’ve been able to get through so much. Somethings really hurt and you just can’t get over it. Bully’s don’t realize what is going on in people’s lives and they don’t understand that what they say really hurt people. They think it’s a joke or it’s funny but to say it to someone’s face is one of the worse pains in the world. I wish kids and teens didn’t have to deal with being bullied and that phones and social media would all just go away.