One of my “friends” have been physically, emotionally, & verbally bullying me. Many occasions she punched me in the breast, stomach, arms & many other places. One of my best friends, since I was like 6-7 told me, ” It’s not a big deal.” I don’t want everyone in my school to think I’m a snitch, I’m scared to tell. She’s a liar, a really good one. Everyone’s to scared to speak out, they’re scared of her. I’m tired of her being rude, I’M DONE. She’s the reason I started self-harming, she’s the reason I cried almost every night. It’s summer right now, I cannot say or do anything to get justice.

I have also been bullied for my body. It made me so self conscious. I was already scared about how I look, since everyone in my school thinks everything is perfect about them.  Don’t let them keep you down, like they did to me. We all are humans, they’re jealous, that your from another place, you have red hair, blonde hair, black hair, any colour. Any body shape is beautiful, All of you are perfect the way you are. Don’t let them keep you down, don’t make the mistakes I did. Go to a adult, choose your friends wisely.