I have always been bullied. There are many different reasons of why people bully me and it lowers my self confidence. If we wanna get the whole story we have to go way back to kindergarden. In kindergarden, I had an eye problem that made it very hard to see, and my eyes would roll back. People noticed that and started making fun of me. So, My parents decided to get it fixed. So I ended up getting eye surgery. My eyes were BLOOD SHOT read for about 3 weeks. I then had to put an eye patch over it which made me look like a complete dork. People would always say ¨I do not wanna play with a pirate.¨, I never had somebody to play with on the playground. In 5th grade, I finally got my eye patch taken off. I was so excited. Nobody could make fun of me anymore. I was wrong. Middle school came around and Since I was 4¨8, I was considered very short. People would call me a midget, they would say that I was anorexic and bully me so hard that I almost would physically hurt myself. 8th grade came around and it got even worse. People would say that I was a ¨special Education child¨ and did not belong to be on this earth, people would wish that I would die. I would sit in my shower with the water all the way hot and burn myself, I thought that I would feel better. I am in 8th grade now and am a straight A student. I just wanted to share my story and you can get over this. I wish you best of luck on your journey.