Behind the Screen – A School Bullying Story


COVID-19 was difficult for us all, correct? As for me, I experienced a lot of emotional instability and an unstable self-image causing mental issues. I have experienced bullying from a young age but things got unmanageable during the pandemic. It started with receiving malicious comments through a group chat with girls in my friend circle. It started with one, then two. The countless acts of violence under the guise of friendship, rapidly impacted my grades, my emotions and caused a wavering sense of who I was. The cold looks, the taunting remarks, I always submitted work late, putting my time into the group chat. This wasn’t like me as I was and am a high achiever. Being naive, I didn’t tell anyone until my family and the school found out about the situation. Once restrictions eased, it was an opportunity for the bullying to become physical. In the schoolyard, I’d constantly get into physical fights leaving bruises and wounds, as well as faking a smile outside of the schoolyard. It almost seemed like I became the bully too after my infuriation and anxiousness got the best of me.
Looking back, I feared being excluded or disliked which is why I think I let bullying overpower me. I still have inconsistent mental health but I try to ameliorate it by keeping track of my thoughts and feelings. Three in five students in Australia have experienced bullying and it is crucial to take action towards this global issue.