begin bullied with scoliosis


Hello my Name is T I wanted to share with you being bullied with scoliosis and growing up and how it affected me now. Scoliosis is curve spine Scoliosis can range from mild to severe. At its mildest, it can cause some discomfort. At its worst, scoliosis is disabling and can crush internal organs. I was born with the condition that caused my spine to curve at a 46-degree angle. I found out when I was about 11 years old I was so young I didn’t know what it means. I just wanted to be normal So I felt that my body had betrayed me I didn’t feel normal I cried for days. at school, I was left out of some activities I cheerleading for a while but as my spine started to grow the pain got worse I knew I can get hurt from doing them but my parents encouraged me to keep going. I was bullied by classmates who didn’t understand the seriousness of my condition. I was leaning to the side because of my spine at school, three kids tease me over a period of time few called me names like curvy back u can’t stand up straight and threw dirt on me during Still, the damage had already been done; my self-esteem was further diminished, at least for the time being. I never told my parents because I didn’t want them to be worried about it I kept it huge secret from them. I went to regular doctors’ appointments I had so many X-rays done at every visits the doctor was explaining to me about the treatments what my options was he told me to choose a back brace or surgery so I chose back brace because I was too scared for surgery at that age. having to wear a back brace for 23 hours a day, sleeping in it for seven days a week for 4 years. Wearing the brace practically around the clock took a few weeks to get used to. The first few nights I slept in my back brace was difficult I didn’t know how to put it on so it took a couple of weeks to get used to. I sweated so much in my sleep with it on it was annoying I wore my back brace for about 2 years now and went to regular doctor apt nothing change so my doctors stated it was time for me to consider surgery before it was too late I went home thought about it and said I guess I have no choice now . The night before my surgery I couldn’t eat or drink anything after a certain time so I woke up at 5 am went to Brenner Children’s Hospital they asked me am I ready I was like no I’m nervous the doctor said u will be fine he gave me the medicine I was under the knife for about 9hours. After my surgery I remember my parents was waiting for me to wake up at first my eye sight was blurry I was in so much pain I didn’t want to talk.

All I could think about is thank god I’m alive and how I had to start my whole life over again. I’m just now getting comfortable where I can show my full scar and not be shame in more. not caring about how people look at me differently or omg look how big her scar is. Living with metal rods will take time getting used to having them feel them when you move sometimes I used to say I hope I don’t mess up anything. I just wanted to share my story behind this huge scar I have. if you know anybody’s that begin bullied or pick on reach out for help don’t let them bring you down.